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Matchday Live with Fletch and Sav looks at the biggest stories from the weekend's Premier League fixtures with intelligent, provocative and interactive debate. In addition, the boys will also be looking at the talking points from the top European leagues and all of BT Sport's global football coverage.

Matchday Live with Fletch and Sav - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-08

Matchday Live with Fletch and Sav - The Wealdstone Raider - Netflix

Gordon Hill (born 31 January 1966), better known as The Wealdstone Raider, is an English Internet meme. A supporter of Wealdstone F.C., he gained attention due to a humorous viral video of him heckling opposing supporters of Whitehawk F.C. at a football match in March 2013, which ultimately ended in a 1–1 draw, with phrases such as “You want some?”, “You've got no fans”, and “I'll give it ya [sic]”. However, the video did not reach its peak in popularity until December 2014. An online article by BBC News included The Wealdstone Raider in the 'top memes and viral videos' of December 2014. The nickname “Wealdstone Raider” came from the title of the original video uploaded by YouTube user dazman21. Coincidentally, Hill claims his brother also had the nickname of “Raider” for the past 10 years.

Matchday Live with Fletch and Sav - Original video - Netflix

“What happened was, we saw this bloke getting a bit rowdy at the football. So I turned to my mate Jeff and said 'We'll have a couple of beers at half time and then wind him up and video him'. I had no idea it'd go this big – everyone's gone mad for it.”

As the original video gained more attention, Hill did not engage with it, the publicity coming while his sister (now deceased) was seriously ill in America.

The original 33-second YouTube video entitled The Wealdstone Raider was uploaded to the video-sharing website on 10 March 2013, and was filmed the previous day on 9 March 2013. It features Hill at The Enclosed Ground of Whitehawk F.C., Brighton. At the start of the video Hill is shown wearing a Wealdstone FC football shirt and an oversized leather jacket; holding a cigarette in his right hand and a pint of beer in the other, he was being discreetly filmed at a football match by opposing supporter Darren Ward. During the early moments of the video Hill appears to be aware he is being filmed and is seen taking a number of glances towards the camera before saying a number of phrases for which he has now become renowned, including “You're playing shit” and “You've got no fans”. Other videos on the original uploader's YouTube channel “dazman21” depict further disputes between Hill, Ward and “Jeff”, as well as other bystanders of the match. Hill claims to have been under the influence of alcohol whilst heckling opposing supporters at the match, he says he lost his temper due to suffering 20 minutes of abuse from the opposing supporters filming him at the time, who he claims were mocking his speech impediment, and “funny” looks. However, the original uploader of the viral video, Darren Ward, claims this is untrue and that he was simply filming Hill whilst under the influence of alcohol because he thought it was amusing. In an interview about the video Ward said:

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