Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking - Netflix

Mary Berry draws on her wealth of cookery know-how to share a selection of her foolproof recipes.

Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-25

Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking - Madhur Jaffrey - Netflix

Madhur Jaffrey, CBE (born Bahadur, 13 August 1933) is an Indian-born actress, food and travel writer, and television personality. She is recognized for bringing Indian cuisine to the Americas with her debut cookbook, An Invitation to Indian Cooking (1973), which was inducted into the James Beard Foundation’s Cookbook Hall of Fame in 2006. She has written over a dozen cookbooks and appeared on several related television programs, the most notable of which was Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery, which premiered in the UK in 1982. She is the food consultant at Dawat, considered by many food critics to be among the best Indian restaurants in New York City. She played an instrumental part in bringing together film makers James Ivory and Ismail Merchant and acted in several of their films such as Shakespeare Wallah (1965), for which she won the Silver Bear for Best Actress award at the 15th Berlin International Film Festival. She has appeared in dramas on radio, stage and television. In 2004 she was named an honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire in recognition of her services to cultural relations between the United Kingdom, India and the United States, through her achievements in film, television and cookery. Her childhood memoir of India during the final years of the British Raj, Climbing the Mango Trees, was published in 2006.

Mary Berry's Foolproof Cooking - Delhi (1950–1955) - Netflix

She took part in her college's all-women productions of Hamlet and The Importance of Being Earnest. She appeared in The Comedy of Errors performed by St. Stephen's College. In 1951, Madhur joined the Unity Theatre, an English language repertory company founded by Saeed Jaffrey in New Delhi. She auditioned for the role of the Queen's Reader in Jean Cocteau's play The Eagle Has Two Heads just four days before the opening but was cast in the role. The next play that she did with Saeed was Christopher Fry's A Phoenix Too Frequent. After graduation from Miranda House in 1953, Madhur joined All India Radio, where Saeed Jaffrey was an announcer. She worked as a disc jockey at night. Saeed and Madhur fell in love and dated at Gaylord, a restaurant in Connaught Place. During this period, Madhur also met Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, a British novelist who had moved to Civil Lines, Delhi after marriage to Cyrus Jhabvala, an Indian architect, in 1951. Madhur answered a casting call by Prawer Jhabvala and worked with her on All India Radio plays. The protagonists of Prawer Jhabvala's first novel, To Whom She Will (1955), a young couple who work at a radio station in Delhi and fall in love, were based on Madhur and Saeed Jaffrey. The novel was published in America the following year as Amrita (1956). In early 1955, Madhur was in the audience at St. Stephen's College, Delhi for a program of literary readings by Sybil Thorndike and Lewis Casson, married English actors who toured internationally in Shakespearean productions. Later that year, the Unity Theatre put on a performance of Tennessee Williams' one-act play, Auto-da-Fé, in which Madhur played the rigidly moralistic mother to Saeed's young postal worker, Eloi. The last play that Madhur did with Saeed was Othello in which Saeed was cast as Iago while Madhur played Iago's wife, Emilia. Madhur decided to pursue acting as a profession. She won a grant from the British government that she could use to pay for education at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

The head of the British Council in India was impressed by her performance in Auto-da-Fé and offered her a scholarship. Armed with these two sources of money, Madhur sailed in 1955 from Bombay on a Pacific & Oriental oceanliner to Southampton via the Suez Canal.

From 1950 to 1953 Madhur attended Miranda House, a women's college, where she gained a B.A. degree in English Honours with a minor in philosophy.

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