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Drama series based on the novel by Jane Austen. Mansfield Park is the magnificient country residence of Sir Thomas Bertram and his family. It is here that their poor relation Fanny Price is brought up. Never allowed to forget her good fortune, Fanny is ignored by her cousins, with the exception of Edmund, who alone treats her with care and affection. But will she ever be able to win a valued place in the household and the heart of the man of her dreams?

Mansfield Park - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 1983-11-06

Mansfield Park - Mansfield Park - Netflix

Mansfield Park is the third published novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1814. The novel tells the story of Fanny Price, starting when her overburdened, impoverished family sends her at age ten to live in the household of her wealthy aunt and uncle; it concludes with her marriage. The novel was first published by Thomas Egerton. A second edition was published in 1816 by John Murray, still within Austen's lifetime. The novel did not receive any critical attention when it was initially published. The first particular notice was in 1821 in a positive review of each of the published novels by Jane Austen. From the late 20th century onward, critical reception has been diverse and Mansfield Park is now considered Austen's most controversial novel. Questions addressed in the critical reviews below include the following. Is the heroine Fanny Price appalling or appealing? Was Austen a traditionalist or a feminist? Is Mansfield Park simplistic or ironic? Did Austen support or oppose the slave trade? Does Mansfield Park portray city immorality as more attractive than country morality? How did Austen understand the church of her day? Was Austen for or against theatrical performance? Paula Byrne, writing in the 21st century, found this to be one of Austen's best novels, and called it pioneering for being about meritocracy. Two notable film versions of the novel were released: Frances O'Connor starring in the lead role in the 1999 version co-starring Jonny Lee Miller and followed by Billie Piper starring in the 2007 version for ITV1 co-starring Blake Ritson.

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Following the publication of Pride and Prejudice Austen wrote to her sister, Cassandra, mentioning her proposed Northamptonshire novel. “Now I will try to write of something else; it shall be a complete change of subject: Ordination.” Byrne argues that although the view that Austen was making ordination the subject of Mansfield Park is based on a misreading of the letter, 'there is no doubt that Edmund’s vocation is at the centre of the novel'. The Georgian church's lack of commitment and spirituality had been seriously challenged over several decades by the emerging Methodist movement that had only recently seceded from the mother church, and also by the parallel Evangelical movement that stayed within it. Brodrick describes the Georgian church as 'strenuously preventing women from direct participation in doctrinal and ecclesiastical affairs'. However, disguised within the medium of the novel, Austen has succeeded in freely discussing Christian doctrine and church order.

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