Mama Drama - Netflix

The production team that created "Jersey Shore'' is behind this docu-style social experiment that follows the relationships between five sets of moms and their adult daughters. But these aren't your average minivan-driving soccer moms. They're women who would rather be their daughters' best friends than actually parent them, to the point that the moms copy their daughters' fashion and nightlife decisions in a desperate effort to hold on to their youth. The series brings the five couples together to live under one roof, which should at least create some interesting conversation and perhaps force a change in their unusual behavior as they now have no choice but to look in the mirror.

Mama Drama - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-07-18

Mama Drama - Mama Drama (Mia X album) - Netflix

For the TV series Mama Drama (TV series). For The Cleveland Show episode, see Mama Drama (The Cleveland Show). Mama Drama is the third studio album released by American rapper Mia X, which was released on October 27, 1998, on No Limit Records, distributed by Priority Records and EMI, and featured production from Master P and Beats By the Pound. Many of the guests who appeared on the previous album returned for guest appearances on the album including Fat Joe and Charlie Wilson.

Mama Drama - Track listing - Netflix

“Bring It On”- 5:10 (featuring Fiend, Mystikal, C-Murder, Mac & Skull Duggery)(Produced by KLC) “What'cha Wanna Do”- 4:40 (featuring Charlie Wilson)(Produced by KLC & Craig B) “Don't Start No Shit”- 3:55 (featuring Master P & C-Murder)(produced by Craig B) “Mama Drama”- 2:56 (featuring Fiend)(produced by KLC) “Imma Shine”- 4:03 (featuring O'Dell)(produced by Craig B) “I Think Somebody”- 3:03 (featuring Fiend)(produced by KLC) “Mama's Tribute”- 3:59 (produced by KLC) “What's Ya Point”- 4:19 (featuring Fat Joe & Snoop Dogg)(produced by Craig B) “Thugs Like Me”- 3:57 (produced by KLC) “Ride or Run”- 3:20 (featuring Big Ed & Steady Mobb'n)(produced by Carlos) “Tru Bitches”- 3:07 (produced by Craig B) “Puttin' It Down”- 3:55 (featuring Fiend, Mystikal, Mac & Kane & Abel)(produced by KLC) “Ghetto Livin'”- 4:03 (featuring Ghetto Commission & O'Dell)(produced by Carlos) “Play Wit Pussy”- 3:47 (featuring Fiend)(produced by KLC) “Don't Blame Me”- 4:08 (featuring C-Murder & Mr. Serv-On)(produced by Carlos) “Daddy”- 4:12(produced by O'dell) “Like Dat”- 3:58 (produced by Craig B) “Sex Ed.”- 4:44 (featuring Silkk The Shocker & Porsha)(produced by O'dell) “Flip & Rip”- 3:18 (featuring Mac)(produced by KLC) “Fallen Angels” (Dear Jil)"- 3:10(produced by O'dell)

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