Make You Laugh Out Loud - Netflix

A collection of comedy clips narrated by Iain Lee.

Make You Laugh Out Loud - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-05-13

Make You Laugh Out Loud - Four Two Ka One - Netflix

Four Two Ka One (Hindi:फोर टू का वन ) is a 2013 Bollywood comedy film directed by Anwer Khan and Ishwar Singh The film stars Jimmy Shergill, Rajpal Yadav, Nikita Anand, Murli Sharma among many others. The film released on 10 May 2013. Four Two Ka One is produced by Sunil Shah under the banner Bhumii Creations. The film's title was loosely based on the 2001 Shah Rukh Khan-starrer One Two Ka Four.

Make You Laugh Out Loud - Reception - Netflix

The film has a touch of Priyadarshan-esque comedy, where characters keep chasing each other. The second half is high on emotions and drama. The story has a heart but overall, it's something you have seen before, thus making the film look a tad jaded. Comedy is Rajpal Yadav's forte and he does it well. When was the last time you saw Jimmy Sheirgill dance? After doing a series of solid serious roles,the actor tries his hand at comedy and fares well. The song and dance routine looks too cliched and unnecessary though. Murli Sharma, Nikita Anand and Sushant Singh are decent in supporting roles. This formulaic comedy of errors won't make you laugh out loud but it doesn't bore you either.

Make You Laugh Out Loud - References - Netflix