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At this moment, there are an estimated 4 - 5 million feral hogs running wild across the country, mainly in the Gulf Coast. They are mean, destructive and brutal creatures that devastate agriculture, infect livestock with disease, destroy entire ecosystems, and even attack humans. One hog can wipe out an entire acre of property in just one night and an entire pack of hogs can do far worse. They cause billions of dollars in crop and property damage every year. They can grow to be ugly 700 lb beasts with 6-inch razor sharp tusks jutting out of their incredibly strong jaws, capable of tearing huge hunks of flesh off anyone standing in their way. They multiply each year, becoming smarter, faster and more out of control. They are an invasive species with no natural predators. That's where our hoggers come in. It takes a brave soul to take on a wild hog.Following female hog hunters and one male coworker working in the Lake Okeechobee, Fla., area.

Lady Hoggers - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-11-16

Lady Hoggers - Hog Islander - Netflix

Hog Islanders is the slang for ships built to Emergency Fleet Corporation designs number 1022 and 1024. These vessels were cargo and transport ships, respectively, built under government direction and subsidy to address a shortage of ships in the United States Merchant Marine during World War I. American International Shipbuilding, subsidized by the United States Shipping Board, built an emergency shipyard on Hog Island just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the site of the present-day Philadelphia International Airport. No ships were produced in time to participate in World War I, but many ships were active in World War II, with roughly half of those produced at Hog Island being sunk in that conflict. During the planning stage names based on the “aboriginal inhabitants of the United States” for 120 ships to be built at Hog Island were selected by First Lady Edith Wilson (Mrs. Woodrow Wilson), although most were changed before completion.

Lady Hoggers - Type B - Netflix

Only 24 Type B troop transports were produced. Twelve of the Type B ships were built with 8,400-ton displacements, one of which became the US Navy USS Argonne (AS-10). Another twelve were built with 13,400-ton displacements, an example of which was the US Navy hospital ship USS Samaritan (AH-10), which was active in World War II.

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