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Young college student Gloria Leal decides to do a thesis documentary on the fascinating story that surrounds a 20-year old murder of a priest, a crime for which winery heiress Altagracia del Toro was tried and wrongly found guilty. The legend, know as the "Wife of Judas", is once again front-page news as Altagracias is released from two decades in jail. The townspeople fear her, and the mystery deepens when suddenly other murders begin to happen. And, as the priest's murder, a woman dressed as a bride mysteriously appears each time another murder is committed. But if Altagracia is not guilty, then who is? Who is the "Wife of Judas?"

Gloria's intention of making her documentary becomes complicated when she meets and is immediately attracted to Salomón Vaisman, president of Del Toro Wineries, Salomón is initially very helpful but strangely turns away from the project once Altagracia returns to claim the land that houses the Del Toro Vineyards. Because Gloria's investigation is bringing her closer to solving the mystery of the murder, she is confused by Salomós retreat.

What is the connection between Salomón and Altagracia? Why does Salomón want to keep the past hidden? The legend of Altagracia Del Toro, the "Wife of Judas", is a story of extremes: Good and Evil. Hate. Murder. Greed. Ambition. Death. Courage. Pride. And, of course, Love. Can you guess how it will all end?

La Mujer de Judas - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Spanish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2002-05-16

La Mujer de Judas - Betty Monroe - Netflix

Beatriz Monroy Alarcón, professionally known as Betty Monroe (born March 4, 1978) is a Mexican actress and model.

La Mujer de Judas - 2010-2014; Cielo rojo, La mujer de Judas, Corazón en condominio, Las Bravo - Netflix

She made her comeback in telenovelas, starring in Cielo rojo She played Sofia a divorcee. In 2012, she played in La mujer de Judas. In 2013, she was one of the stars in Corazón en condominio. In 2014, she made an appearance in Las Bravo. She played Candela Milan. The telenovela had Edith González, Mauricio Islas and Saúl Lisazo

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