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Ichika Usami is a second year middle school student who works in her family's cafe, Kirakira Patisserie. One day, she meets a spoiled lamb fairy named pekorin who tells her evil monsters known as Henteko have been stealing "Kirakiraru", the energy that resides within sweets and desserts. Ichhika then becomes a pretty cure and, with four other girls, they form the kirakira precure a la mode to fight the henteko and protect the sweets.

Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Running

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-05

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Kirakira PreCure a la Mode is the fourteenth anime television series in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure franchise, produced by Asahi Broadcasting Corporation and Toei Animation. The series follows Ichika Usami and her friends who transform into Pretty Cures in order to protect the Kirakiraru residing in sweets from the evil Kirakiraru Thieves. The series aired on all ANN networks in Japan between February 5, 2017 and January 28, 2018, succeeding Maho Girls PreCure! in its initial timeslot. The opening theme is “SHINE!! Kirakira ☆ PreCure a la Mode” (SHINE!!キラキラ☆プリキュアアラモード, SHINE!! Kirakira ☆ Purikyua Ara Mōdo) by Yuri Komagata, while the ending theme for the first 22 episodes is “Let's La Cooking☆Showtime” (レッツ・ラ・クッキン☆ショータイム, Rettsu Ra Kukkin ☆ Shōtaimu) by Kanako Miyamoto. From episode 23 to the final episode, a second ending theme is used called “Shubidubi☆Sweets Time” (シュビドゥビ☆スイーツタイム, Shubidubi ☆ Suītsu Taimu) by Miyamoto.

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