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True Calendar (T.C.) 71—a new age where 70% of the human population lives in space thanks to the development of "Dyson Sphere", a city in space.\ \ The world is divided into two main powers: The Dorssia Military Pact Federation, a power which grew out of a military alliance, and the Atlantic Rim United States (ARUS), which grew in power as it expanded its trade agreements. The minor nation of JIOR has declared neutrality between these two forces and maintains its peace through economic prosperity.\ \ Within the JIOR's Sphere, Haruto Tokishima lived an ordinary life as a high school student in the division known as "Module 77"—until the Dorssian military begins their sudden invasion!\ \ But the whole world will be shaken when Haruto meets the mysterious humanoid weapon, Valvrave!

Kakumeiki Valvrave - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2013-04-12

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Akira (あきら, アキラ) is a given name present in various languages. In Japanese, there are several kanji for Akira. A popular kanji is 明 (the combination of the two different characters 日 = sun and 月 = moon) which means “the light coming from sun”, “sunlight and moonlight”, “bright”, “intelligent”, “wisdom” or “truth”. Though Akira is normally used to name males, sometimes it can be a female name as well. Unrelated names with similar pronunciations occur in other cultures. In Scotland it is an anglicized female version of the Scottish male name Acair, meaning “anchor”. Akira is also an Indian female name derived from Sanskrit meaning “graceful strength”. Akira (Thai: อาคิรา, อาคีรา, อาคีระ) is also a unisex name in Thai meaning 'the sun' or 'sunlight'.

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Akira, a character in the 1980s manga of the same name Akira (Blue Mask), a character in Hikari Sentai Maskman Akira Momoi, a character in Denshi Sentai Denziman Akira (Simpsons), a character in The Simpsons media Akira Agarkar Yamada, a character in Tsuritama media Akira Hojo, a character in Sanctuary Akira Inugami (aka Wolf), a character in the manga Wolf Guy Akira Hayama, a character in the manga Shokugeki no Soma Akira Himi (aka Aqua Current), a character in the light novel Accel World Akira Kazama, a character in Rival Schools media Akira Kogami, a character in Lucky Star franchise Akira Kurusu, an insert character in Persona 5 franchise Akira Kusano, a character in Nobuta wo Produce media Akira Mimasaka, a character in Boys Over Flowers media Akira Okochi, a character in Negima!: Magister Negi Magi media Akira Okuzaki, a character in My-HiME media Akira Renbokoji, a character in the anime Kakumeiki Valvrave Akira Satou, a character in Katawa Shoujo Akira Sendoh, a character in the manga Slam Dunk Akira Sengoku, the main character in the manga Eden no Ori Akira Sohma, a character in Fruits Basket Akira Takano, a character in School Rumble media Akira Takizawa, a character in the anime Eden of the East Akira Toudou, a character in the Special A Akira Toya, a character in Hikaru no Go media Akira Udō, a character in Air Gear media Akira Yuki, a character in the Virtua Fighter universe Akira Kaburagi Regendorf, the protagonist in the Dance in the Vampire Bund Manga and its Anime adaption Akira, a character in the anime and manga Samurai Deeper Kyo Akira, a character in the manga Dengeki Daisy Akira, the main protagonist in the BL visual novel Togainu no Chi Akira Rai, a character in Jab Tak Hai Jaan Akira Fudo, the main character in Devilman Akira Mado, a supporting character in the manga series, Tokyo Ghoul Akira Shimotsuki, a supporting character in the manga series, Watashi ni xx Shinasai Akira Kunimi, a character from Haikyu!!. Akira Midousuji (御堂筋 翔 Midōsuji Akira), a character in the manga and anime Yowamushi Pedal Akira Nijino, a character from Ressha Sentai ToQger Akira Kenjou (剣城 あきら), a character in the anime series Kirakira PreCure a la Mode

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