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Kaamelott is a French series. It was created and written by Alexandre Astier and broadcast on French channel M6 since 2004. The show's four first seasons (called "livres", French for "books") were composed of short episodes (about 3 and a half minutes each.) Early seasons consisted of humorous depictions of daily life at King Arthur's court and of the knights' ineffective quest for the Holy Grail; but as the author grew more self-confident, it got spiced by more and more continuity (including Retcon at some point), half-serious story arcs. The fifth season then had longer episodes (7 minutes) and a Darker and Edgier tone. The sixth season aired in October 2009; it depicts Arthur's youth in Rome (partly filmed in the décors of the series of the same name, in Cinecittà.) Alexandre Astier also plans to make three movies.

Kaamelott - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 7 minutes

Premier: 2005-01-03

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Yvan Le Bolloc'h (born 20 December 1961, in Brest) is a French television and radio host and actor.

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1999 : Un barrage contre le Pacifique by Marguerite Duras, Théâtre International de Langue Française, Théâtre Antoine in 2000 2008 : Les Deux Canards by Tristan Bernard

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