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In Junkyard Empire, the hunt is on for big, washed up metal-cars, motorcycles, boats, homes, campers and heavy equipment-from police impounds, private auctions, dealers, random driveways or old lots. What might look like a rusted out beater to most people is pure gold in the seasoned eyes of Andy and Bobby as they hunt valuable parts, scrap metal or a potential high-end fabrication for their clientele. Once back at the junkyard its pure hustle-and-bustle chaos as cars are lifted, stacked, torched, stripped and scrapped. At the custom car shop the once ruined cars are brought back to life one panel and plug at a time transforming the trash into treasure for high dollar customers.

Junkyard Empire - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-04-22

Junkyard Empire - Junkyard Empire - Netflix

Junkyard Empire is an American political music and action group based out of Saint Paul, MN. The group has been actively calling for the awakening and collective rebellion against the tyranny of oligopolistic corporate capitalism - of which they claim America is the world's hegemonic purveyor. Their style is unique, in that it conforms to no already nailed-down categorical standard, but the wild mix of hip-hop, rock, jazz, and dark electronics, underlying the deep political revolution-focused lyrics of rapper Brihanu. The band accomplished an astounding amount of recorded material, and historic live performances all while being virtually shunned from the mainstream press in the Twin Cities. That all changed when they played a show at the “No Peace for the War Makers” rally on a huge stage at the Minnesota State Capital during the now infamous 2008 Republican National Convention protests. Witnessing riot cops on horseback, led by huge bullhorn speakers blaring authoritarian messages, charge the 2000+ crowd members in the middle of their song “Rise of the Wretched” was a real turning point, not just for the band, but for the whole movement that ultimately lead to supporting and performing for nationally coordinated occupation protests of New York City and Washington D.C. leading up to the global Occupy Movement. From that point on, Junkyard Empire became deeper force for political organizing and civil resistance.

Junkyard Empire - Bryan Berry — guitar - Netflix

Originally from North Dakota, Bryan studied Architecture, Mathematics, and Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota. Bryan currently resides in Brooklyn NY and is working on open-source content creation and systems networking for a developing Linux technology firm.

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