Jay's Jungle - Netflix

Jay's Jungle is a pre-school series that follows the adventures of Jay the lighthouse keeper. Jay's job is to make sure the lighthouse, C-Mor, is beaming his light around the world. He works with Ranger Bec to keep J island and all who live there happy and safe.

Jay's Jungle - Netflix

Type: Variety

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-05-16

Jay's Jungle - Stranded in the Jungle - Netflix

“Stranded in the Jungle” is a song originally recorded by the American doo-wop group the Jay Hawks. It was written by Ernestine Smith and the band's first tenor, James Johnson. The Jay Hawks' version of the song peaked at #18 on the Billboard Magazine Best Selling Popular Retail Records Chart.

Jay's Jungle - Cadets version - Netflix

The Cadets' “Stranded in the Jungle” is likely the best known version. It sat at #16 on the Best Selling Popular Retail Records Chart the same week the Jay Hawks' version reached #18 (July 18, 1956). A week later, it peaked at #15 on the sales chart and at #3 on the U.S. Rhythm and Blues chart (the Gadabouts peaked at #39 on the pop chart one week later). The Cadets version features spoken verses by Will “Dub” Jones (who would go on to sing bass on most of The Coasters' hits) with a duet refrain by Willie Davis and Aaron Collins. It was after the second verse that Prentice Moreland delivers the line, “Great Googa Mooga! Lemme outta here!”

Jay's Jungle - References - Netflix