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Inside Edge is the story of the Mumbai Mavericks, a T20 cricket franchise playing in the Powerplay League. Set in a landscape of conflicting interests, where selfishness is almost a virtue, where sex, money, and power are mere means to an end, Inside Edge is a story that pulls no punches, minces no words, and takes no prisoners. Come witness the game behind the game.

Inside Edge - Netflix

Type: Sports

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2017-07-10

Inside Edge - Flip jump - Netflix

The flip jump (usually just flip) is a figure skating jump which takes off from a backward inside edge with a toe pick assist, and lands on the backward outside edge of the opposite foot. In the early 20th century, the jump was known as a Mapes. In international competition, women have landed flips with three rotations since 1981, and men have landed flips with four rotations since 2016.

Inside Edge - Variants - Netflix

A half-rotation jump with a flip entrance, typically landed on the left toe pick and right forward inside edge for a counterclockwise jump, is called a half flip. The half flip, in turn, forms the basis for the common split jump, in which the skater achieves either a front-to-back or sideways (Russian or straddle) split position at the apex of the jump. A full-rotation flip jump with a split position is sometimes seen as well; this is called a split flip. In the past, it was also quite common for skaters to perform a one-and-a-half flip jump as an element in jump sequences or as a highlight in step sequences. In general, the International Skating Union's new “code of points” judging system now discourages skaters from putting variety jumps such as the split flip or one-and-a-half flip into their competitive programs because they count towards the number of permitted jumps but carry a very low point value.

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