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The Inhumans have always been one of Marvel's most enduring oddities. A race of genetic outsiders, they live secluded in their island kingdom of Attilan, preferring not to mix with the outside world. Even stranger, their genetic mutations are self-endowed; each Inhuman, as a coming-of-age ritual, endures exposure to the Terrigen Mists, a strange substance that imparts unearthly powers--some extraordinary, some monstrous. But now the kingdom of Attilan is under attack from without and within. Can the Royal Family, led by Black Bolt, repel the foreign invaders who blast at their outer defenses, as well as the internal threat of Black Bolt's insane brother, Maximus the Mad?

This popular series takes a classic Marvel cast of characters, and infuses it with a modern sensibility that includes international politics and an awareness of class systems. Dark and grimly compelling, the "Inhumans" is one story that won't be forgotten any time soon.

Inhumans - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 2014-04-23

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The following is a list of known fictional characters who are Inhumans, a race of superhumans appearing in Marvel Comics and media inspired by them.

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The Genetic Council is a group of Inhumans who are charged with making decisions concerning the use of the Terrigen Mists and the fate of the Inhumans. Among the known members are: Arkadine Arcadius - An Inhuman chancellor who is a member of the Genetic Council. He has the ability to animate and speak through statues. Avia - A female Inhuman with bird-like wings who is a member of the Genetic Council. Carthus - A religious leader of the Genetics Council and spiritual adviser. He was blue with several red spiked horns on his head. Cynas - A female one-eyed golden Inhuman who is a member of the Genetic Council. Furgar - A reptilian member of the Genetic Council. Kitang - Member of the Genetic Council. He was deposed after his several attempts to kidnap Ahura. Porcal - A member of the Genetic Council with quill-like growths. Sapphiras - A golden female Inhuman who is a member of the Genetic Council. Targon - A beastly Inhuman who is a member of the Genetic Council. Thernon - Member of the Genetic Council.

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