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This story is about the life of Joseon-era dancer, musician and poet, Hwang Jin Yi, who seeks perfection in her art relentlessly and the hardship facing women due to their lowly social status.

Hwang Jin Yi is the illegitimate child of a noble and Heon Keum, a noted musician gisaeng. The story centers on the four men in her life and her pursue in the art of dancing.

Hwang Jin Yi - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2006-10-11

Hwang Jin Yi - Hwang Jin Yi (film) - Netflix

Hwang Jin Yi (Hangul: 황진이) is a 2007 South Korean biographical drama film directed by Chang Yoon-hyun. Based on Hong Seok-jung's 2002 novel Hwangjini (which won the Manhae Prize for Literature in 2004), the film is about the life of Hwang Jin-yi, the most famous courtesan (or “gisaeng”) in Korean history, starring Song Hye-kyo in the title role.

Hwang Jin Yi - Cast - Netflix

Song Hye-kyo - Hwang Jin-yi Yoo Ji-tae - Nomi Ryu Seung-ryong - Hee-yeol Youn Yuh-jung - old woman Oh Tae-kyung - Gwiddongi Jeong Yu-mi - Yi-geum Ye Soo-jung - Hwang Jin-yi's mother Jo Seung-yeon - Byeok Kye-soo Kim Eung-soo - Seo Gyung-deok Kim Boo-seon - Jang-deok Song Min-ji - Mae-hyang Park Cheol-ho - nobleman Hwang Lee Kwang-hee - servant of nobleman Hwang Kim Yoo-jung - young Hwang Jin-yi Lee Hyun-woo - young Nomi Kim Hyun-ah - gisaeng Tae-won - nobleman Kim Park No-shik - Choi Joo-boo Jo Kyung-hoon - public officer Choi Ji-na - Hyun-geum Bae Yong-geun - nobleman Min Bok-gi - Ho-jang Lee Mi-so - Hwang Jin-yi's female servant

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