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Dating someone you work with can create problems, as Charley Michaels and Ann Anderson learned. He was a surgeon at Kensington General Hospital in San Francisco, a good doctor but less than enthusiastic about conforming to hospital rules and regulations. She was the hospital's new administrative assistant, an English lady with a commitment to keeping the hospital running efficiently. They were romantically involved but often at odds.

House Calls - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1979-12-13

House Calls - House Calls (TV series) - Netflix

House Calls is an American sitcom that lasted three seasons and 57 episodes, from December 17, 1979 to September 13, 1982, on CBS television, produced by Universal Television and based upon the 1978 feature film of the same name.

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Lynn Redgrave was fired from the series, following the birth of her new child. She insisted on bringing her daughter to work, in part, because she wanted to be able to breast-feed the baby on schedule, but this was interpreted by the studio as holding out for more money, while being disruptive to shooting requirements. Redgrave sued Universal for breaking her existing contract, but never was rehired, and the suit was dismissed several years later. Universal replaced Redgrave with Sharon Gless who was then under a 10-year contract with Universal, but previously excellent ratings suffered from the abrupt and clumsily-handled transition (Ann announced her departure in a letter read out loud by Charlie), and the series was ultimately cancelled by early 1982, despite still finishing the season in the Top 25.

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