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Music programs that go through hit songs for many years and tells the story of modern pop classics.

Hitlåtens historia - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: Swedish

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-01-16

Hitlåtens historia - Big Big World (song) - Netflix

“Big Big World” is a 1998 ballad song recorded by Emilia Rydberg from Sweden. Rydberg wrote the song with Lasse Anderson. The song is about love, with references to the autumn season. It was the first single from the album of the same name and was released in late 1998. The song was a hit in Europe where it reached the top five in many countries but fared poorly in the US, where it remained at the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100. The song was given a Grammis award for “Song of the year 1998” and the song also won a Rockbjörnen award in the “Swedish song of the year 1998” category. The melody opening is based on the springtime song “Nu grönskar det”, which in turn is based on the Peasant Cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach. On 20 September 2017, the song was the topic at SVT:s Hitlåtens historia.

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CD single “Big Big World” – 3:22 “Big Big World” (Traffic Jam mix – 88 BPM) – 4:14 CD maxi “Big Big World” (album version) – 3:22 “Big Big World” (Pierre J's big radio remix) – 3:30 “Big Big World” (TNT's big phat radio edit) – 3:12 “Big Big World” (karaoke version) – 3:22 12" maxi “Big Big World” (Pierre J's remix) – 7:17 “Big Big World” (album version) – 3:22 “Big Big World” (TNT club mix) – 6:31 “Big Big World” (Traffic Jam mix) – 4:15

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