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Takahashi Erika got married a year ago and has been leading a happy life with her husband, Takahashi Ryosuke, a company employee, and Kotaro, his young son from an earlier marriage. One day, a man shows up in front of her. He is Tozuka Soichi, her former boss from the Cabinet Information Research Office's Special Division. Erika had been a secret agent under Tozuka until a year ago. Tozuka has left the Cabinet Information Research Office and is now the head of a company that carries out background checks and investigations into infidelity by making use of his experience from his spy days. He thinks highly of Erika's skills and would like her to help him in his work. Faced with the threat of having her secret past revealed to her husband, Erika is half compelled to assist Tozuka. The first client is a young lady called Takeuchi Hitomi. Hitomi had signed up with a matchmaking agency an

Himitsu Chouhouin Erika - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-10-06

Himitsu Chouhouin Erika - Yoko Mitsuya - Netflix

Yoko Mitsuya (三津谷 葉子, Mitsuya Yōko, born November 8, 1984) is a Japanese gravure idol and actress.

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