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Heilsubælið is an Icelandic comedy series which follows the lives of healthcare staff and their struggle with their patients.

Type: Scripted

Languages: Icelandic

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1987-09-17

Heilsubælið - Edda Björgvinsdóttir - Netflix

Guðbjörg Edda Björgvinsdóttir (born 13 September 1952), better known as Edda Björgvinsdóttir, is an Icelandic actress, comedian, writer, director and motivational speaker. She is best known for playing the titular role of the 1986 comedy classic Stella í orlofi, for playing various characters in the 1986 sitcom Heilsubælið í Gervahverfi, as well as for her work in the annual comedy special Áramótaskaupið, and for numerous other comedic roles in film, television and on stage.

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Shortly after graduation Edda made her debut at the National Theatre of Iceland in Reykjavík in Jökull Jakobssons's drama “The Shoemakers Son the Bakers Daughter” praised by critics and audiences alike as one of the most individual and versatile actress of her generation. She soon turned out to be equally suited for broad comedy and serious drama, a talent which has furnished her with a career of deserved diversity as one of the most sought after talent in the business. During her rather short spell as a star player in serious dramas at the beginning of her career on stage and television, as well as being a featured leading lady in several epic motion pictures, she addressed audiences during evening performances in the theatre with a variety of classical and contemporary parts, throwing in matenées of family and children shows, switching into her comedy gear after almost every evening performance, rushing to the nearest comedy club with her stand up routine. The demand for her services as a comedienne increased considerably during the first two years of her career, eventually turning her into a full time leading force on the comedy circuit in Iceland.

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