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With 83% of people surfing the internet with their health problems and looking up alternatives to conventional treatments, doctors are hearing ever more extraordinary 'miracle' home remedies from their patients. In this brand new series, GPs Dr. Pixie McKenna, Dr. Ellie Cannon and Dr. Ayan Panja examine whether any of these homespun cures actually work? The doctors are on the lookout for simple, safe and scientifically convincing health solutions. Could any of these remedies save the NHS millions? If any of the applicants can convince the GPs there might be something in their remedy, then it will be put forward to a small trial or test.

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-10-21

Health Freaks - Ricci Harnett - Netflix

Ricci Harnett (born 8 February 1975) is an English actor, best known for his role as Carlton Leach in the film Rise of the Footsoldier. Harnett was born in London. He made his screen debutin The Object of Beauty alongside John Malkovich. He also appeared in the film 28 Days Later as Corporal Mitchell. Harnett played the lead character of Carroll Bailey in Porcelain Film's 2009 film Breathe. Harnett has made a number of appearances on popular television series such as The Thin Blue Line, Casualty and The Bill.

Health Freaks - Filmography - Netflix

The Object of Beauty (1991) as Steve Teenage Health Freak (1991, unknown episodes) as Belcher Between the Lines (1992, 1 episode) as Youth The Old Curiosity Shop (1995) as Tom The Thin Blue Line (1995, 1 episode) as Darren Grim Silent Witness (1997, 1 episode) as Steve Abbott A Certain Justice (1998) as Gary Ashe Poof (1999) as Gooner The Murder of Stephen Lawrence (1999) as Neil Acourt Starting Out (1999, unknown episodes) as Dean Strong Language (2000) as Nathan Micawber (2001) as Gordon 28 Days Later (2002) as Corporal Mitchell Judge John Deed (2002, 1 episode) as Kevin Helyer Roger Roger (1996–2003, unknown episodes) as Marlon Dunkirk (2004) as Guardsman Desmond Thorogood The Bill (1989–2004, 5 episodes) as Dave Hall Job Street (2005) as Driver Dubplate Drama (2005–09) as Prangers Joy Division (2006) as Sgt Harry Stone Casualty (1994–2006, 3 episodes) as Jordi (2006) / Colin Miller (1994) Rise of the Footsoldier (2007) as Carlton Leach Breathe (2009) as Carroll Bailey Psychosis (2010) as Peck Turnout (2011) as Grant Vendetta (2013) as Sergeant Joe Windsor Top Dog (2014) as Mickey Rise of the Footsoldier:Part 2 (2015) as Carlton Leach

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