Girlfri3nds - Netflix

"Girlfri3nds" is a British reality television show presented by Emma Willis.

Three single women (the 'girlfriends') each try to find the ideal man, with 100 single men to choose from. The girlfriends share a large house for the duration of the series. The first part of the series is an audition format where the 100 men introduce themselves in turn to the three women in the house. The girlfriends decide between them whether either (or two, or all) of them would like to see the man again. They each choose a total of six men they would like to see again.

The second part of the series sees the girlfriends go on dates with the men. The dates become longer, allowing the women the opportunity to decide who they want to visit for a 24 hour date in the man's home town and, finally, whether they want to invite any of the final dates back to their hometown to meet their parents.

Girlfri3nds - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-09-26

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Keshet International is the global distribution arm of Israeli media company Keshet Media Group. Keshet International was established in 2012 and is led by chief executive officer Alon Shtruzman. The company has established subsidiaries in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia that develop and produce Keshet properties local talent. Keshet International is represented by William Morris Endeavor in the United States. In addition to distributing Keshet Media Group properties, Keshet International sells third party properties and develops and produces localized versions of popular television properties with Tender Productions. Programs distributed by Keshet International include Prisoners of War, the Israeli show that Emmy Award-winning show from which Homeland was adapted; Master Class; The A Word, which was sold to BBC One; Rising Star; False Flag; The Gordin Cell, which was adapted in the United States as M.I.C.E. (later Coercion) and launched in January 2014.

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Keshet International was established in 2012 and is led by chief executive officer and television executive Alon Shtruzman. Shtruzman previously served as executive producer and creative director for Israel’s Cable Programming (ICP). He also co-founded Noga Communications Ltd., Israel’s first independent channel producer, in 1995. Shtruzman later founded the Israel’s first interactive TV studio, Zoe Interactive. Keshet International began expanding internationally when it opened London-based Keshet UK in 2012. Keshet continued its expansion in May 2013 when joined with Northern Pictures to establish Keshet Australia. The joint venture between Keshet International and RACAT, Northern Pictures’ parent company, gave Northern Pictures access to more than 50 television properties owned by Keshet International. Keshet DCP, a joint venture between Keshet International and DC Media, the parent company of Dick Clark Productions, launched in October 2013. Keshet DCP was formed to develop and finance unscripted television programming in English and Spanish for American and worldwide audiences. Keshet International began distributing live singing competition Rising Star (HaKokhav HaBa) at MIPCOM in October 2013. Televisions channels that purchased the rights to Rising Star included Brazil’s Globo, United States’ ABC, Argentina’s Telefe, Indonesia's RCTI, Germany’s RTL, Russia’s Rossiya 1, France’s M6, Italy’s Toro, Hungary’s TV2, and Portugal’s TVI. In 2015, Keshet International launched Keshet Studios, a Los Angeles-based studio overseeing Keshet’s U.S. activities including production, development, promotion, packaging and sales of scripted programming In June 2015, Keshet announced the start of the European Drama Initiative, a production initiative aimed at financing three to four new productions a year.

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