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George of the Jungle is a spoof of the popular Tarzan story. George is a dim-witted but big-hearted "ape man" who lives in the jungle. He is called upon each episode to save its inhabitants from various threats. George's love interest is Ursula, whom George refers to as "Fella." He has an ape for a friend, appropriately named Ape, who is far more intelligent than George. Then there is Shep, George's pet elephant who acts like a lap dog.

Each episode featured three unrelated cartoons: George of the Jungle, Tom Slick, and Super Chicken.

George of the Jungle - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1967-09-16

George of the Jungle - George of the Jungle (2007 TV series) - Netflix

George of the Jungle is a Canadian–American animated television series. It is the reboot of the 1967 animated series of the same name, using Flash animation. It is produced in Canada, airing there on Teletoon. The remake mostly stays true to the original production, with a few key differences existing between the two. One episode of the show typically consists of two 12-minute episodes. This is unlike the original cartoon, which featured other stories such as Tom Slick and Super Chicken. The original series aired from June 29, 2007 until January 11, 2008. The original series premiered on Teletoon on January 11, 2009 and on Cartoon Network in the United States a year prior.

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Narrator – The narrator of each George of the Jungle episode. In comparison to the narrator of the original cartoon, he speaks in a documentary-style fashion, often beginning each episode claiming “To survive in the jungle”. often followed by a situation in complete contrast to the first impression of his introduction. Dr. Scott – The modern doctor now living in the jungle with his daughter. He has formed a somewhat friendly (and often hostile) rivalry with the local Witch Doctor, continuously trying to disprove his barbaric medicine and shaman skills with modern science (often with equally unsuccessful results). Witch Doctor – A very compact, diminutive character who believes his shaman skills are the solution to all problems. He often competed with Dr. Scott and his modern medicine to see who can solve a problem first, although neither usually provides the solution to whatever problem they tackle. Big Mitch – A conniving golden marmoset and frequent pest to the jungle community. He lives in an ancient temple full of riches and booby traps, and has a pair of bongos with him. Shep – George's elephant friend who actually acts like a dog. He travels with George on most of his adventures, only rivaled by the Tookie-Tookie bird. He is very untrained, and can often be seen destroying sections of the jungle. Shep likes to play with George a lot, often playing with him when he should be helping people throughout the jungle. Tookie-Tookie Bird – George's second pet, a parrot-like bird that can only say his own name. Howie - A howler monkey who runs a juice bar.

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