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The story of the anime begins when the king's adviser launches a witch hunt, which endangers the Makai Knights and Makai Priests, who are supposed to protect people. A Makai Priest who has been condemned to die at the stake gives birth to a child, Leon Lewis. The child is rescued by his father, a Makai Knight, but never meets his mother. When he grows up he inherits the Gold Armor as a descendant of the Gold Knights. Meanwhile the king's adviser has taken over the country as the king has become ill, and Prince Alfonso has been driven out with his mother. He comes seeking the legendary Gold Knight in hopes of retaking his kingdom.

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Garo: The Animation - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-04

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This is a list of the characters from the anime series Garo: The Animation.

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Fernando San Valiante (フェルナンド・サン・ヴァリアンテ, Ferunando San Variante) Voiced by: Kōsuke Gotō (Japanese); Ben Phillips (English) Fernando San Valiante is the king of the Valiante Kingdom. He personally attends the execution of Anna, and the alleged curse she put on him has left him wheelchair-bound, which was an excuse Mendoza used to stage his anti-Makai campaign. The king employed Mendoza as an advisor when the former Alchemist managed to allegedly cure a plague spreading fast in the city, and trusted Mendoza more and more for his exemplary services, never realizing that Mendoza had staged everything in order to gain his current position. Four years after Mendoza's defeat, Fernando fully recovers and returns to the throne, but it is mentioned that he will soon step down to allow Alfonso to take the throne. Esmeralda (エスメラルダ, Esumeraruda) Voiced by: Natsumi Tada (Japanese); Dawn M. Bennett (English) Esmeralda is the queen of the Valiante Kingdom. Throughout her life, she carried a pendant featuring Garo's emblem, which she treats as a protective charm. She presents it to her son, Alfonso, on his twentieth birthday, which alerted Mendoza to her and her son's bloodline. When her husband, the king, is poisoned, she is accused of treason and is arrested. Rafael later reveals to Alfonso that Esmeralda is Anna's younger sister who was adopted into a noble family at a very young age, though she is unaware of this fact. Esmeralda is later found by Alfonso having committed suicide when she heard from the guards that her son returned to Santa Bard to prevent Mendoza from using her as a hostage against Alfonso. Alfonso, in turn, while mourning his mother's death, is left wondering if he would have been able to chastise León as he did had Mendoza actually used his mother as a hostage. Garcia (ガルシア, Garushia) Voiced by: Katsuhisa Hōki (Japanese); Jeremy Inman (English) Garcia serves as one of Alfonso's vassals. When Mendoza usurps the crown, he helps Alfonso flee Valiante. Ximena Coronado (ヒメナ・コロナード, Himena Koronādo) Voiced by: Yumi Sudō (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English) Ximena co-owns an inn with her father in the Valiante Kingdom capital city, Santa Bard. She initially meets Germán when he is left naked and without his equipment and gives him a sheet to protect his dignity. She later nurses Germán back to health when he is critically injured during the battles against Mendoza and León in his Lost Soul Beast form. Germán and Ximena briefly bond during his stay at her inn. As such, she is one of the few women he treats with any sort of actual respect and compassion. Ximena shows some medical knowledge, as she is able to treat Germán's severe wounds without any apparent side-effects. Ximena is later revealed to be pregnant with Germán's child, revealed in Divine Flame to be a son named Roberto, who is destined to become the next Zoro. Roberto Luis (ロベルト・ルイス, Roberuto Ruisu) Voiced by: Miyu Tomita Ximena and Germán's son and León's paternal half brother, named after his father. He is three years old by the time of Garo: Divine Flame. León has already begun training the boy as a Makai Knight, intending to make him the successor of the Zoro title and armor. Roberto is kidnapped by Dario Montoya, who intends to use the boy as a sacrifice to activate Zirkel's Ring and restore the Horror Nigra Venus to its human form.

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