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Free Period - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: 2016-08-05

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The instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR, sometimes referred to as the instant wave-free ratio or instant flow reserve) is a diagnostic tool used to assess whether a stenosis is causing a limitation of blood flow in coronary arteries with subsequent ischemia. iFR is performed during cardiac catheterisation (angiography) using invasive coronary pressure wires which are placed in the coronary arteries that are to be assessed. Pressure wires are commonly used by interventional cardiologists to guide decisions to perform revascularization, either by stenting or bypass surgery.

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Two outcome studies, DEFINE-FLAIR and the iFR-SWEDEHEART will assess whether patient outcomes differ if stenoses are treated according to iFR or FFR classification of stenosis severity. DEFINE-FLAIR, which aims to recruit 2500 patients, will be the largest physiological study to date and will provide the first randomised data of the use of iFR and FFR in patients with both stable coronary disease and acute coronary syndromes. It will also provide the first randomised data of the clinical utility of FFR in guiding and deferring coronary intervention outside of the FAME and DEFER studies. Both DEFINE-FLAIR and iFR-SWEDEHEART have harmonised clinical endpoints which will enable combined analysis of over 4500 patients. SYTNAX II is a modern PCI study assessing the clinical utility of stenting three-vessel coronary disease. Patients with three-vessel coronary disease whom the Heart Team decide are in equipoise between surgical revascularization or PCI intervention, undergo physiologically guided stenting. The SYNTAX II clinical risk calculator is used to determine equipoise. All major vessels undergo pressure wire assessment using the iFR-FFR hybrid approach, and only those positive for ischaemia undergo stenting. Intravascular ultrasound is used to ensure optimal stent delivery. Clinical outcomes will be compared to a historical surgical cohort from SYNTAX-I study. An example of a patient enrolled into the SYNTAX-II study is shown in this video.

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