For the Love of Ray J - Netflix

The show follows Ray J and his entourage of female suitors to the hottest hangouts in Los Angeles, to Sin City where they'll party with his famous friends, and to Ray's childhood home where they'll meet his family and big sister Brandy. Ray J will pour his heart out to these women in hopes that he can figure out who is really there for him. Each week the ladies will attempt to win over Ray J as he carries on with his life in the spotlight. In the end, the girls who can't keep up with Ray J's jet-setting ways will be sent packing. But the one who can impress his friends and family and make Ray J believe that love exists, will win the ultimate prize - the love of Ray J.

For the Love of Ray J - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2009-02-02

For the Love of Ray J - For the Love of Ray J (season 1) - Netflix

For the Love of Ray J is a dating show on VH1 featuring hip hop singer Ray J. The program has a format similar to Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Rock of Love. One source notes that it “will be produced by the same geniuses” as those shows, 51 Minds. In reference to the series, Ray J said: The show, which premiered on February 2, 2009, follows Ray J and his entourage of female suitors to clubs in Los Angeles, to Las Vegas where they’ll party with his friends, and to Ray’s childhood home where they’ll meet his family and older sister Brandy Norwood. According to one commentator, the concept of the show involves pampering the contestants with “upscale trips throughout the series” and “Ray J's so in love that he's already given participating girls names like Cashmere, Unique and Hot Cocoa.”

For the Love of Ray J - There's Something about Larry - Netflix

First Aired February 23, 2009

Ray's down to 9 girls, so he challenges them to see if they can be a part of his musical life with a Motown-inspired singing challenge! The girls will be judged on singing ability, choreography, style and overall performance. One girl's questionable relationship is revealed and another's advances prove too much for Ray's taste -- and yet another young lady is sent packing.

Guest Star: Big Boy (of Power 106), Willie Norwood Challenge: Motown competition Winners: Lil Hood, Cashmere, Cocktail Eliminated: Caviar Episode Notes While Ray J was serenading Cocktail on their solo date, Cocktail started tearing up, realizing that Ray J might have a connection with her and Cocktail starting to fall in love with him. Ray J was suspicious about Caviar talking on the phone with Larry so he called in and found out the real truth. Reason For elimination Caviar: Ray J found that Larry managed 395 girls around the world and found that Caviar is here only for exposure.

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