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28-year-old Meng Chu Xia is known to be very optimistic and kind hearted who takes care of the son from her long lost sister. When Shen An returns to mainland China to start a new company, he bumps into Chu Xia. Chu Xia is struggling to raise her teenage nephew, while Shen An is engaged, but both do not expect to find love anymore at their age.

Far Away Love - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-01

Far Away Love - Far Away Love - Netflix

Far Away Love (Chinese: 遙遠的愛; pinyin: Yáoyuǎn de Ài), also translated as Love of Far Away and Remote Love, is a 1947 Chinese film directed by Chen Liting. Made during the Republican era, it was produced by the state-owned China Film No. 2 Studio, and stars prominent actors and actresses Zhao Dan, Qin Yi, and Wu Yin. The film was well received, and its premiere in Shanghai is considered a landmark event in postwar Chinese cinema. The film's screenplay is officially attributed to director Chen Liting, but according to Chen himself, it was in fact written by the leftist dramatist Xia Yan, whose authorship was concealed for political consideration.

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The screenplay of the film is officially attributed to the director Chen Liting, but according to Chen himself, it was actually written by the leftist playwright Xia Yan. Xia and Chen were both prominent dramatists who had collaborated many times. As Xia had joined the Communist Party in 1927, whereas the China Film No. 2 Studio was owned by the Kuomintang government, enemy of the Communists, Xia Yan's authorship had to be concealed. However, in Xia Yan's own autobiography, he states that he did not write any screenplay between 1937 and 1949.

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