ESL Brawlers - Netflix

ESL Brawlers pits the best Street Fighter V players in a first to 10 match, with winners defending their title against a new contender each week and fighting it out in a final Vainglory championship on week seven.

ESL Brawlers - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-07-20

ESL Brawlers - Danbury High School - Netflix

Danbury High School is a public high school in Danbury, Connecticut, with approximately 3000 students. Despite Danbury's population of just under 81,000 (as of 2016), there is only one public high school, along with several small private schools, and one vocational high school in the city. The school is located in a suburban, residential neighborhood atop a hill that overlooks most of the city. Danbury High School is the largest high school in the state. Many of the students come from homes in which English is not the dominant spoken language. Therefore, the school offers a wide variety of ESL programs in many different subject areas. Walking through the halls of the school, it is possible to hear over 50 different languages and associated dialects being spoken by the students. Likewise, many of the students will be the first in their family to go on to college. The school's culture and classes are definitely enriched by the diverse student population and the experiences they bring to their education. Danbury High School also offers a large number of AP courses in a wide variety of curricular areas. For example, in the Social Studies Department, AP courses are offered in Human Geography, Government and Politics, European History, Micro and Macro Economics, Psychology, and U.S. History. Danbury High School is supplemented by a magnet program called the Alternative Center for Excellence. This program provides a Danbury High School diploma but exhibits additional criteria not required by most local institutions. Danbury High School recently was awarded $100,000 after winning the State Farm Insurance “Celebrate My Drive” campaign. The “Celebrate My Drive” campaign encourages teens to make positive choices as they start driving.

ESL Brawlers - Notable alumni - Netflix

Christina Ellington (born 1982), beauty queen and entertainer, Miss New York 2004, Top 10 Finalist in Miss America 2005 George Radachowsky (born 1962), NFL player William R. Ratchford (born 1934), former U.S. Representative from Connecticut Allen Ritter (born 1988), record producer, songwriter, pianist and singer Perry Rotella (born 1963), IT executive and businessman Robert Joseph Shaheen (born 1937), clergyman of the Maronite Catholic Church Peter Brandt Deibler (born 1977), radio personality and host of The Kane Show Ken Green (born 1958), PGA Golf Professional with 5 Tour wins

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