Encounter - Netflix

A young man discovers where his transplanted heart came from.

Encounter - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2005-02-11

Encounter - Encounter (2018 film) - Netflix

Encounter is an upcoming US Science-Fiction film. “Having lost everything in a car crash, including his daughter, a wheelchair-bound artist’s life is once again turned upside down when his friends discover an otherworldly object crashed in a rural field. But does this strange alien life form have nefarious intentions or could it be the key to getting back what he once lost?” Encounter stars Luke Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Tom Atkins, Glenn Keogh, Vincent M. Ward, Cheryl Texiera and Christopher Showerman, and is written and directed by Paul J. Salamoff. In April 2017, filming began in and around Augusta, Georgia.

Encounter - Cast - Netflix

Luke Hemsworth as Will Dawkins Anna Hutchison as Jessica Dawkins Cheryl Texiera as Teresa Fleming Tom Atkins as Professor Westlake Christopher Showerman as Jonathan Brandt Vincent M. Ward as Marcus Doyle Glenn Keogh as Brent Fleming Wendy Davis as Agent Tevis Peter Holden as Agent Banks Kenny Barr as Agent Strugatsky TJ Jackson as Agent Lem Sarah Booth as Rachel Susan Willis as Professor Westlake's Wife Tweed Michael Manning as Professor Westlake's Father Shannon Edwards as Hospital Patient Catherine Jerald as Professor Westlake's Mother Callie Eckley as Shannon (as Callie Marie Eckley) Don Kittilson as SWAT Team Member

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