Eat, Sleep, BBQ - Netflix

As a BBQ chef and restaurant owner, Rashad Jones is on a search to uncover the best BBQ in the country from the traditional to the new and innovative. Each of the episodes celebrate the full sensory BBQ experience from the smell of wood burning and meat smoking, to the sight of a piled high plate full of pulled pork, to the feeling of sauce dripping down your hands from slow cooked baby back ribs, to that first mouthwatering taste of the first bite of brisket.

Eat, Sleep, BBQ - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2017-12-12

Eat, Sleep, BBQ - Barbecue murders - Netflix

The barbecue murders, also known as the BBQ murders, refers to a 1975 double murder in Marin County, California. Business consultant James “Jim” Olive and his wife Naomi were murdered in their home by their 16-year-old adopted daughter Marlene Olive and her 20-year-old boyfriend Charles “Chuck” Riley, who then attempted to dispose of the bodies by burning them in a barbecue pit at a nearby campground. Riley was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and received a sentence of death, which was later changed to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole. Marlene Olive, tried as a juvenile, received a sentence of three to six years in a California Youth Authority juvenile facility, from which she was released at age 21 having served a little over four years. The case gained worldwide attention due to the age of the perpetrators, the details of the crime, and the wide disparity in sentencing between the two perpetrators. Riley and Marlene Olive have also been the subjects of continuing coverage in connection with his repeated bids for parole and her subsequent convictions for numerous other crimes.

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Marlene Olive began serving her sentence at the Ventura School and was later allowed to serve part of her time living outside the school with a young woman who had been a juvenile services volunteer. A few weeks before Marlene Olive was due to be paroled, she escaped and fled to New York City where she worked as a sex worker. She was eventually arrested and returned to California to finish her sentence, finally being released in 1980 when she was 21. After being released, she moved to the Los Angeles area, where she changed her name numerous times and was arrested at least seven different times over the next decade on forgery and drug-related charges, serving two one-year terms in jail. In 1986, she was one of 14 people arrested in Los Angeles for allegedly operating a large counterfeiting and forgery ring, of which she was thought to be the ringleader. She was subsequently convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. She served additional prison terms in California after a 1992 conviction for making a false financial statement, and a 1995 conviction for possessing a forged drivers' license. In 2003, in Kern County, California, she pleaded guilty to passing a fictitious check in Bakersfield and was sentenced to seven years in prison. A 1992 Los Angeles Times article called her “the queen of the trashers” due to her alleged skills at committing forgery and fraud and creating false identities based on documents, such as voided checks, obtained from discarded garbage. Police said “they [had] rarely come across a street-level forger believed to be as prolific or as skilled as Olive.” Marlene Olive saw Chuck Riley only once after they were arrested for murder, when she visited him in prison in 1981. After the visit, Riley correctly predicted, “I'll never see her again.”

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