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Yan Da Feng's grandfather was a hunter who had been injured. He survivde because he was treated by Huang Chun Xiang, an herbalist who treated him with herbal medicine. He fell in love with her, and promised he would come back for her. Years passsed and Da Feng's grandfather never did come to get Chun Xiang. Chun Xiang grew old, but never gave up. She still waited for him to come get her. Chun Xiang was also raising her daughter's kids, Xie Fu An and Xie Pi Dan with their loyal dog Anthony. Xie Fu An also studied herbs. One day as she was treating patients in the local hospital. Da Feng's grandfather was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack. Fu An gave him herbs which helped him regain consciousness. After he woke up, Fu An face looked very similar to Chun Xiang. He announced that he would give away his fortune to the one who marries Fu An. Da Fengs doesn't like this and sends out a killer to end her (not knowing who Fu An is). Realizing that Fu An was the girl he met in the village, he agrees to marry her for the money. When Da Feng has feelings for Fu An, he regrets setting all his traps to send her away. With their feeling starting to grow, will Han Dong Jie and Jiang Zhen Zhen come in their way? Will Xie Fu An and Yan Da Feng be together for eternal love? Or will they separate their ways...

Easy Fortune Happy Life - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 90 minutes

Premier: 2009-06-07

Easy Fortune Happy Life - My Queen - Netflix

My Queen (Chinese: 敗犬女王; pinyin: Bài Quǎn Nǚwáng), also known as Defeated Queen or Queen of No Marriage, is a 2009 Taiwanese romantic-comedy television series. The television drama was produced by Sanlih E-Television starring Ethan Juan and Cheryl Yang. It was first aired on January 4, 2009 on TTV after Invincible Shan Bao Mei and last aired on May 31, 2009.

Easy Fortune Happy Life - Main - Netflix

Ethan Juan as Lucas (25 y.o) - Workerman, helper of JJ, sometimes an assistant at iFound magazine and bodyguard of Shan Wu Shuang. He was previously an outstanding medical student, but after the death of Han Xiang-Yun, his girlfriend, his grades dropped and he was expelled from medical school. Cheryl Yang as Shan Wu Shuang (33 y.o) - The main editor in iFound magazine's store (social, politics and case department, mid-level chief). She was always top of the class from primary school to university and is hard-working in her jobs. She is single, although she previously had a relationship with Song Yun-Hao and nearly married him, until an accident six years ago caused a misunderstanding between them. Sylvia Yang as Han Jia Jia (21 y.o) - A new trainee worker at iFound and the younger sister of Han Xiang-Yun (Lucas' ex-girlfriend). James Wen as Song Yun Hao (34 y.o) - A world-famous cameraman and past-boyfriend of Shan Eu Shuang. He once dated Wu Shuang and wanted to marry her, but because of his job, it didn't come about. He had an accident and did not tell Wu Shuang, which destroyed their love. Harry Chang as JJ (25 y.o) - Classmate and best friend of Lucas, and manager of the Hot Spring Hotel. He is dating Han Jia-Jia.

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