Dr. G: Medical Examiner - Netflix

Dr. G: Medical Examiner documents cases handled by deputy chief medical examiner Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia (aka Dr. G) of Florida's District Nine Medical Examiner's Office. Each episode features two or three cases Dr. G has handled in the Orlando area, and also in Bexar County, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida where she was previously employed. Some portions of the show have been dramatized and some names have been changed to protect the dignity of individuals and their families.

Dr. G: Medical Examiner - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2004-07-23

Dr. G: Medical Examiner - Coroner - Netflix

A coroner is a person whose standard role is to confirm and certify the death of an individual within a jurisdiction. A coroner may also conduct or order an inquest into the manner or cause of death, and investigate or confirm the identity of an unknown person who has been found dead within the coroner's jurisdiction. In England, where the role originated, a coroner also deals with treasure trove cases. In medieval times, English coroners were Crown officials who held financial powers and conducted some judicial investigations in order to counterbalance the power of sheriffs. The word coroner derives from the same source as the word crown, and denotes an officer of The Crown. The Spanish etymological cognate for a crown officer, coronel, designates a colonel.

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Order police investigations of death Order inquests Approve removal and use of body parts of the dead body Issue certificates of fact of death The Coroner makes orders after considering the pathologist's report.

The Coroner's Court is responsible to inquire into the causes and circumstances of some deaths. The Coroner is a judicial officer who has the power to: Grant: Burial orders Cremation orders Waivers of autopsy Autopsy orders Exhumation orders Orders to remove dead bodies outside Hong Kong

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