Donna Decorates Dallas - Netflix

In Donna Decorates Dallas, interior designer Donna Moss and her team give credence to the notion that everything's bigger in Texas as they undertake dramatic room makeovers in some of the most fabulous homes in the Dallas area.

Donna Decorates Dallas - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2011-08-08

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King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels. The main characters are Hank Hill, Peggy Hill, Bobby Hill, Luanne Platter, Dale Gribble, Bill Dauterive, Jeff Boomhauer, Kahn Souphanousinphone, and Elroy “Lucky” Kleinschmidt.

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Buck Strickland (voiced by Stephen Root) – Buck is the slightly overweight, balding, over-the-hill owner of Strickland Propane, and Hank's boss. His physical appearance greatly resembles Lyndon Johnson, particularly his hairline, and he has a habit of hosting employee discussions in his bathroom—a habit of Johnson. Originally hailing from Arkansas, Buck was historically known for his modest start in business and general business smarts. These attributes have since been worn away by life and been replaced with many habits which often come in the way of his business decisions. Buck is a compulsive gambler to the point where he will use company profits to continue gaming, even betting in underground events. Also like LBJ, Buck is a chauvinist, alcoholic, and adulterer. It is often implied that Hank reveres Buck and that, in Hank's eyes, the two have a close relationship. Compared to Hank who is the ultimate model of a good employee, Buck's vices require Hank to keep an extremely close eye. Buck refers to Hank as his “Golden Goose” implying Hank is the only reason his business remains afloat and thus he would never fire him. Hank has used the threat of quitting to capitulate Buck's transition from things Hank found unsavory. His health is questionable as he has suffered numerous infarctions and has had several cardiovascular surgeries including valve replacements. Despite his less than desirable traits, he has an ethical side although he planted evidence on Hank for murder rather than let his wife be arrested. Joe Jack (voiced by Toby Huss) – Joe Jack is a fuel-truck driver and co-worker with Hank at Strickland Propane. He has a drinking problem, as seen when he is a member of the Propaniacs. Joe Jack has a habit of calling people he speaks to “honey”, regardless of their gender or level of familiarity with him. Enrique (voiced by Eloy Casados from 1997–1998, Danny Trejo from 2002–2009) – Enrique is a good-natured Mexican-American truck driver at Strickland Propane. Originally he spoke with a very weak accent. In the episode “Enrique-cilable Differences,” Enrique forcibly befriends Hank after a nasty fight with his wife. Enrique ends up moving in with the Hills for a short time eventually developing a pathological attachment to the Hill family, but quickly patches things up with his wife after a fed-up Hank kicks him out. Enrique nearly lost his house due to rent increases when property values in his neighborhood skyrocket when Peggy began selling working class housing to upper-middle class Millennials. To solve the problem, Peggy helped the neighborhood value decline when she fabricated the area as uncool by making it appear as if typical middle-class families were moving in prompting the millennials to leave. Afterwards he applied and became a homeowner. While a hard worker, he has poor fiscal habits, often spending money on lavish outdoor parties to celebrate any seemingly significant event such as his daughter's Quinceañera or becoming a homeowner. Donna (voiced by Pamela Adlon) – There are actually two separate Donnas who have both worked as Strickland accountants, and are often referred to as “Donna from Accounting”. The first Donna appears, albeit infrequently, as an overweight, dark-skinned woman, most notably in “Meet the Propaniacs”. In “Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret Hill”, Buck mentions having discovered stolen office supplies in her bedroom (presumably during an extramarital encounter), and orders Hank to “find us a new Donna”. The “new Donna” is a tall, curvy white woman who first appears in “The Miseducation of Bobby Hill”. In “24 Hour Propane People” she mentions a husband; in “You Gotta Believe (In Moderation)”, Dale notes her “recent divorce”. In “Lost in MySpace”, her most significant episode, she is briefly promoted to assistant manager alongside Hank, which didn't settle in well with him. She often uses MySpace during work hours and ignored Hank when he asked her for a down to business approach. In turn, Donna is briefly fired when some of her MySpace friends mistook Buck for Hank and brutally beat him up. She sought revenge against Hank by making rude comments about him and Strickland. After sifting through the blogs, he confronts Donna for her behavior at Goobersmooches and eventually makes amends with her. After being rehired as an accountant, Donna takes down the blogs and rearranges it to a down to business approach like Hank wanted. Roger “Buddha” Sack (voiced by Chris Rock in the first appearance, Phil LaMarr in later appearances) – He first appeared in “Traffic Jam” as a comedian and traffic school instructor. His abrasive and insulting style of humor infuriates Hank, as well as the dean of the traffic school, who terminates his employment at the traffic school for not teaching traffic safety as he was hired to do. Hank later gets Roger a job at Strickland Propane. Grateful to Hank for saving him from unemployment, Roger's attitude mellows afterward. Elizabeth “Miz Liz” Strickland (voiced by Kathleen Turner) – Elizabeth is the deep-voiced, long suffering wife of Buck Strickland, first seen in “Hanky Panky”. In “Hanky Panky”, the first half of a two-part episode, Miz Liz confronts Buck at an awards dinner while he is there with his mistress. She files for divorce from Buck and subsequently takes control of Strickland Propane. This forces Buck to move in with Debbie. She promotes Hank to manager and attempts to seduce Hank in a propane-powered hot tub. However, the interest was not reciprocated. She brags to Buck about this, Buck, in turn, surprises Hank with a loaded shotgun expressing his jealousy. She and Buck reconcile in the second half “High Anxiety”, but later on, in “The Good Buck”, Buck claims that Miz Liz has left for good, stating that “she could handle my drinkin' binges, and my gamblin', and even turn a blind eye to my extramarital escapades, but not when they happen all once! ...and on her birthday!” Debbie Grund (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) – Debbie was an employee of Strickland Propane and was Buck Strickland's mistress and the main antagonist in the episode “Hanky Panky”. As revenge for Buck ending their relationship, she plotted to murder him but accidentally killed herself with Buck's shotgun while attempting to climb into the dumpster she was using as a hiding place.

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