Dinosaur Britain - Netflix

Dinosaur Britain explores the amazing story of how dinosaurs one roamed Great Britain. The show will reveal how these creatures hunted, what they ate and how they died from the evidence revealed in their bones. Presenter Ellie Harrison and palaeontologists Dean Lomax attempt to bring dinosaurs back to life in Britain.

Dinosaur Britain - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-31

Dinosaur Britain - Planet Dinosaur - Netflix

Planet Dinosaur, is a six-part documentary television series created by Nigel Paterson and Phil Dobree, produced by the BBC, and narrated by John Hurt, first aired in the United Kingdom in 2011, produced by VFX studio Jellyfish Pictures. It is the first major dinosaur-related series for BBC One since Walking with Dinosaurs. There are more than 50 different prehistoric species featured, and they and their environments were created entirely as computer-generated images, for around a third of the production cost that was needed a decade earlier for Walking with Dinosaurs. Much of the plot is based on scientific discoveries made since Walking with Dinosaurs. The companion book to Planet Dinosaur was released on 8 September 2011 and the DVD and Blu-ray on 24 October 2011.

Dinosaur Britain - Spin-offs - Netflix

CBBC aired a spin-off, Planet Dinosaur Files, from 29 September 2011, hosted by Jem Stansfield. Each episode compares three Mesozoic creatures and involves practical tests to replicate certain behaviours in an attempt to find out which creature holds a certain title, such as the “most powerful” theropod. A 60-minute 3-D spin-off of Planet Dinosaur was announced in July 2011, and was broadcast on 19 August 2012 under the name Ultimate Killers.

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