Deon Cole's Black Box - Netflix

This half-hour comedy series provides a weekly platform for Cole to riff on pretty much anything he desires, from racial and gender stereotypes, politics, sports, pop culture and more. The Emmy-nominated writer/comic uses video clips that have made their way across the media landscape as a starting point for his commentary, and where it goes from there is anyone's guess. Cole's credits include those of performer and staff writer on "CONAN" as well as "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien", for which he was nominated for an Emmy and Writers Guild Award in 2010.

Deon Cole's Black Box - Netflix

Type: Talk Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-06-10

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This is a listing of American network television programs currently airing or have aired during late night. Late night programming begins at 11:35 pm Eastern/Pacific Times, after network affiliates' late local news. On Fox and cable, late night starts at 11:00 pm ET/PT.

Deon Cole's Black Box - CBS - Netflix

The Merv Griffin Show, August 1969–February 1972. The CBS Late Movie, February 1972–January 1989. In 1985, title changed to CBS Late Night. CBS News Nightwatch, October 1982–March 1992. Hosted by Harold Dow, Christopher Glenn, Karen Stone, Felicia Jeter (1982–84), Charlie Rose (1984–1990), various (1990–92) Up to the Minute, March 30, 1992 – September 18, 2015 Keep on Cruisin', January–June 1987. Hosted by Stephen Bishop and Sinbad. Produced by Dick Clark and aired on Friday Nights as part of CBS Late Night In Person from the Palace, June–August 1987. Produced by Dick Clark and aired on Friday Nights. The show featured taped concerts from the Palace Theater of Hollywood. Aired as a part of CBS Late Night. Top of the Pops, September 1987–March 1988. Based on the British show, hosted by Nia Peeples and aired on Friday Nights as part as CBS Late Night. The Pat Sajak Show, January 1989–April 1990. CBS Late Night, February 1990–March 1991. Returned after The Pat Sajak Show was cut back to an hour long show. Overtime...with Pat O'Brien, August 1990. Only 3 episodes aired and was part of CBS Late Night America Tonight, October 1990–March 1991. CBS News and interview show hosted by Dan Rather, Charles Kuralt and Lesley Stahl. America Tonight Friday, October 1990–March 1991. Friday edition hosted by Robert Krulwich and Edie Magnus. The Midnight Hour, July–September 1990. A talk show with rotating hosts including, Joy Behar, CBS This Morning weatherman Mark McEwen, former Family Ties costar Marc Price, and Bill Maher. Aired as part of CBS Late Night. Crimetime After Primetime, April 1991–January 1995. Personals, September 1991–December 1992. Game show where one person would choose from three potential dates. After a series of yes or no questions in the final round, the winning couple could go to exotic locations. However, the more they disagreed, the worse the destination got; on the bottom of the list was a trip to the Pink's Hot Dogs stand in Los Angeles. Michael Burger was the host. Night Games, October 1991–June 1992. Dating show where three men and three women would be asked questions with sexual innuendo. The winning contestant had the choice of who he or she could take on a date. Jeff Marder was host, with Luann Lee as his announcer/assistant. The Kids in the Hall, September 1992–January 1995. Aired on Fridays. Late Show with David Letterman, August 1993–May 2015. The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, January 1995–March 1999 The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, March 1999–August 2004 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, January 2005–December 2014 The Late Late Show (guest hosts) January–March 2016 CBS Summer Showcase, May–September 2015

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