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Compliance centers around a private equity manager and his government-appointed compliance monitor.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 30 minutes

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Lung compliance, or pulmonary compliance, is a measure of the lung's ability to stretch and expand (distensibility of elastic tissue). In clinical practice it is separated into two different measurements, static compliance and dynamic compliance. Static lung compliance is the change in volume for any given applied pressure. Dynamic lung compliance is the compliance of the lung at any given time during actual movement of air. Low compliance indicates a stiff lung (one with high elastic recoil) and can be thought of as a thick balloon – this is the case often seen in fibrosis. High compliance indicates a pliable lung (one with low elastic recoil) and can be thought of as a grocery bag – this is the case often seen in emphysema. Compliance is highest at moderate lung volumes, and much lower at volumes which are very low or very high. The compliance of the lungs demonstrate lung hysteresis; that is, the compliance is different on inspiration and expiration for identical volumes.

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where VT = tidal volume; Pplat = plateau pressure; PEEP = positive end-expiratory pressure. Pplat is measured at the end of inhalation and prior to exhalation using an inspiratory hold maneuver. During this maneuver, airflow is transiently (~0.5 sec) discontinued, which eliminates the effects of airway resistance. Pplat is never bigger than PIP and is typically <10 cm H2O lower than PIP when airway resistance is not elevated. .

Static compliance represents pulmonary compliance during periods without gas flow, such as during an inspiratory pause. It can be calculated with the formula:

C                      s            t            a            t                          =                                            V                              T                                                                    P                                  p                  l                  a                  t                                            −                              P                E                E                P                                                          {\displaystyle C_{stat}={\frac {V_{T}}{P_{plat}-\mathrm {PEEP} }}}  

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