Compass with Sheila MacVicar - Netflix

Beginning Sunday May 10th, "Compass with Sheila MacVicar" will combine Al Jazeera America's commitment to original, unfiltered reporting with award-winning international journalist Sheila MacVicar's ability to put news into a global context and make connections to U.S. foreign policy goals. This unique foreign policy program will also aim to uncover the hidden agendas, strategic failures, political power plays and special interests that may influence America's foreign policy, and play a role in regional politics around the world.

"Compass' is about the world, and people's place in it. With Al Jazeera's unparalleled reach, and our ability to report from places no one else covers, we'll go straight to the source of today's most pressing international news," said MacVicar. "With interest in global affairs so strong, and people showing a marked preference for original reporting from the source, this show meets the needs of today's news consumers and delivers on the channel's overall mission of increasing knowledge about global affairs."

Compass with Sheila MacVicar - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-05-10

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The Queen's Birthday Honours 1962 were appointments in many of the Commonwealth realms of Queen Elizabeth II to various orders and honours to reward and highlight good works by citizens of those countries. The appointments were made “on the occasion of the Celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday”, and were published in supplements to the London Gazette of 25 May 1962. At this time honours for Australians were awarded both in the United Kingdom honours, on the advice of the premiers of Australian states, and also in a separate Australia honours list. The recipients of honours are displayed here as they were styled before their new honour, and arranged by honour, with classes (Knight, Knight Grand Cross, etc.) and then divisions (Military, Civil, etc.) as appropriate.

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Civil Division Alfred Thomas Carroll, , of Wairoa. For services to the Māori people.

Compass with Sheila MacVicar - References - Netflix