Cheese in the Trap - Netflix

Hong Sul's life is filled with work and study, and her diligent attitude is often taken advantage of by others. Yoo Jung was similar in the past, but has developed an exacting system of give-and-take to protect himself. Behind his solicitous smile lies a cold mind that demands payment for any mistakes it notes. When he wants to start dating Sul, she finds herself caught in a tangle of problems as the consequences of his past and present actions come to light.

Cheese in the Trap - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-01-04

Cheese in the Trap - Kim Go-eun - Netflix

Kim Go-eun (born July 2, 1991) is a South Korean actress. She debuted in the film A Muse (2012) where she won several Best New Actress awards in South Korea.

Cheese in the Trap - Early life and education - Netflix

In 1994 when she was three years old, Kim's family moved to Beijing, China and lived there for 10 years. Director Jung Ji-woo gives credit to her upbringing, saying, “She is naturally curious and brave. She's strong in a sense that she isn't influenced easily. She doesn't do things just because everyone else does it.” After watching Chen Kaige's Together many times, crying every time she saw it, Kim decided she wanted to become a filmmaker. But she was led to theater by chance. She entered the School of Drama at Korea National University of Arts.

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