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When he's not wowing millions of screaming fans in one of the biggest and most important rock bands of all time, AC/DC front man Brian Johnson can normally be found in the seat of a powerful motorcar. Now, he wants to share his passion with the rest of the world as he heads full-speed into his next adventure. He will be analysing, discussing and of course driving some of the most iconic branded cars in history. Brian will be exploring the incredible engineering behind each of these magnificent four-wheeled beasts to discover what makes them tick. Brian will also look into the fascinating individual histories of each car, from big screen appearances in blockbuster films to famous owners and even a few unexpected mysteries. Brian will also try and get to the root of our obsession with cars, questioning why we need to go faster and faster and what it is about these automobiles that inspires so much awe, envy and pride.

Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-05-08

Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson - Jeff Johnson (musician) - Netflix

Jeff Johnson (born 1956) is a recording artist, composer and producer who has released numerous solo and collaborative recordings. Born in the Portland, Oregon area, he currently resides in the San Juan Islands in the state of Washington, United States. His early work was vocal progressive-rock, but his sound has since evolved to jazz, new-age, instrumental, contemplative and Celtic styles. He has collaborated with other established musicians, including Sandy Simpson, Brian Dunning, and Phil Keaggy. His works also include several musical releases based on books penned by fantasy author Stephen Lawhead. In addition to recording, Johnson is active in the ongoing Selah Service music and contemplative worship events, featuring music, readings from the Psalms and silent prayer.

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