Can Love Become Money? - Netflix

A romantic drama about what happens when young and successful CEO Ma In Tak offers to pass on a 10 billion won inheritance to his future wife.

Can Love Become Money? - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-03-03

Can Love Become Money? - I Love Money (season 4) - Netflix

I Love Money 4 or I Love Money (season 4) is the fourth season of the VH1 reality television series I Love Money, created by Surreal Life executive producers Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin. The fourth season's 18 contestants were drawn from I Love New York, Rock of Love, Real Chance of Love, Daisy of Love, Megan Wants a Millionaire, and For the Love of Ray J to compete in physical and mental challenges, aiming for a $250,000 grand prize. Production began in late August 2009 and wrapped September 2009, and premiered on 16 September 2010. The show was reportedly edited in order to focus on the competitions, as VH1 noted they “had a new programming filter in place” in the wake of the Ryan Jenkins off-camera tragedy. This was to be the final season of the series. The winner of the competition was Mindy Hall.

Can Love Become Money? - Episode 9: Dealing with the Devil - Netflix

First aired 10 November 2010 Viewers: 736,000 Due to the shock of Sassy's elimination the girls are very sad as now they are not in control of the game and Punishers alliance is. Hot Wings especially fears as she becomes the next target of the male alliance. When they get to the site of their challenge they see stripper polls hanging up in the air. Craig then tells them that the challenge is called the “pole dance” (this challenge was also used on the first season of i love money). The person that hangs up on the pole the longest is the paymaster whilst the first person to fall off the pole like in season 1 is automatically eliminated. Everyone gets off to a good start on the pole Corn Fed feels that this is a good opportunity to get rid of a guy. About a minute into it Francisco tries to climb up the pole which stuffs up his position and starts to make him slide more down to the bottom of the pole. Garth realises that he put his leg in the wrong position and starts to slide down the pole and eventually he falls off making him the dead last loser and automatically eliminated. Francisco then falls off knowing his safe not long after. Punisher feels extremely sad about Garth getting eliminated and ends up losing focus and slides off the pole. 6 Gauge's arms and legs start feeling really tired so he drops off. Leaving Brooklyn the only guy left on the pole, which makes his alliance hope that he can hold on and become paymaster. Brittanya slides down the pole and worries that if she falls of the pole she will drown cause she does not know how to swim, that motivates her to hold up longer on the pole. Corn Fed starts to get tired and notices that Hot Wings and Mindy look very comfortable on the pole and feels safe as she knows that if one of them is Paymaster she will be safe, and sees that Brittanya will probably fall off soon, she then takes her self off. Brittanya ends up falling off the pole. Brooklyn, Hot Wings and Mindy all maintain comfortable positions on the pole although they do start to feel a lot of pain. Brooklyn tries to hang on as longs as he can but can not end up doing so and falls off the pole, which leaves the final two Hot Wings and Mindy. Hot WIngs then asks Mindy to let her be Paymaster so she can void Punishers check as he would be extremely angry if she did. Mindy feels unsure at first to trust Hot Wings as she thinks Hot Wings might not save her. After Hot Wings swears on most of her families life to save Mindy she finally gets off the pole and makes Hot Wings paymaster.

On the way back to the house Corn Fed, Mindy and Hot Wings try to persuade Brittanya to vote everyone in the male alliance in the box. Brittanya agrees into voting for them. Hot Wings asks Francisco to vote for the guys as they need the votes to swing their way and also for the fact that Francisco is not in the male alliance as his enemy is Punisher. He then agrees to voting for them. Also he decides to vote with them knowing that he has a huge target on his back. In the vault Francisco keeps his word and votes for the all the guys along with Corn Fed and Mindy but Brittanya goes back on her word and ends up voting with the Guys for Corn Fed, Mindy and Francisco. In the end Corn Fed, Mindy and Francisco all have 4 votes each whilst the guys and Brittanya only have 3 votes putting Francisco, Mindy and Corn Fed in the box. On the power outing they all plead their case, Mindy says she made her word to saving her and is an alliance with her, Corn Fed says that she is also in an alliance with her and she should not be eliminated, Francisco says that he and her are a strong target to be sent home and that she should save him cause if he goes home she will be the main target in the house whether if he is there he will be a more stronger target to be sent home and she will end up being safe. After the power outing Punisher goes up to Hot Wings and offers her to be a replacement for Garth in his alliance if she sends Francisco home, Hot Wings considers it but is not completely sure yet whom to send home. At elimination Hot Wings calls up Mindy first and saves her as she was loyal and he made a promise to Mindy. Next called up is Corn Fed, she feels she is safe as they are in an alliance, But Hot Wings says to her " Your the male alliances pawn they will always put you in the box to save one of their own" and tells craig to void her check. Hot Wings said sorry to her, but she did feel a bit betrayed. When Francisco came up Hot Wings explained why she had saved him which was what he said before about them being the big targets and her being safe if it ever comes down to the two of them up for elimination. After Francisco gets his check he says to Punisher “i'm like that herpes on your lip that you got from one of your clients that keeps coming back” in response Punisher says “I control you” It is now in the house Mindy, Hot Wings and Francisco vs Punisher, Brooklyn, 6 Gauge and Brittanya. Challenge: The Pole Dance Winner/Paymaster: Hot Wings Loser/Eliminated: Garth Bottom 3: Corn Fed, Francisco, Mindy Eliminated: Corn Fed Episode Notes The Pole Dance challenge was also used during episode ten of “I Love Money”, season one. While on the poles, Hot Wings promised Mindy immunity if she let her win the challenge. The same thing happened on season one during The Pole Dance challenge, when Hoopz promised Megan immunity if she let her win. On both seasons, the paymasters did not go back on their promises. Reasons For Elimination Garth: Garth came in last place in the challenge. Corn Fed: Hot Wings eliminated Corn Fed because she was basically the male alliance's pawn. Francisco and Hot Wings are their main targets, and they will always put Corn Fed in the strong box to save someone from their alliance.

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