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Eight 21st century lads are transported back to the Roman Empire to see if they can cut it as gladiators. The handsome boys will fight it out with help from their loving girlfriends. They may have the muscles but do these lads have what it takes to go down in history?

Cameras will follow eight modern day couples as they're transported to an ancient world where they'll live and fight like gladiators did 2000 years ago. Along the way there'll be blood, sweat and tears. However, only the very best will make it through to the Emperor's Games where one of them will emerge victorious and take home the Emperor's gold (which today works out at ‘approximately' £10,000!).

The boys will be trained by the fearsome "Doctore", played by David McIntosh, and take part in daily, physical tasks, leading up to a grand final where they'll battle it out in a colosseum in front of a baying crowd. Those who don't cut it will be banished from the city. Acting as the eyes and ears of the elusive Emperor is the Emperor's Assistant, "Dominus", played by Tom Bell. The boy's girlfriends will join them on their journey, helping to train and prepare them for the Games as well as immersing themselves in ancient Roman tasks - from wine making to sculpting.

Bromans - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-09-14

Bromans - Bromans - Netflix

Bromans was a British reality television series on ITV2. The contestants competed against each other in Ancient Rome-themed physical challenges. Their girlfriends joined them to provide support and competed in their own contests. The winning “gladiator” received £10,000. The show was hosted by Dominus, played by Tom Bell, and mentored by Doctore, played by David McIntosh. They met with the unseen Emperor each week and selected two gladiators for banishment. The other contestants chose who they wanted to remain in competition, and the gladiator with the least support was eliminated. It all concluded with the final four gladiators competing in the Emperor's Games, where a series of challenges determined the overall winner. The series was cancelled in November 2017.

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