Black Sash - Netflix

An ex-cop teaches martial arts to a diverse group of teens in San Francisco.

Black Sash - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2003-03-30

Black Sash - Jessie Graff - Netflix

Jessica Lauren Graff (born January 12, 1984) is a professional stunt woman and athletics-based television personality. Her nickname is “Tumbleweed”. She is a black belt in Taekwondo, a black sash in Kung Fu, and is trained in five other styles of martial arts. She is also a championship pole vaulter and a competitive gymnast. Graff has become well known for her athletic achievements on the obstacle course show American Ninja Warrior, including in 2016 becoming the first woman ever to complete Stage 1 of the Las Vegas Finals course and only the second woman ever to conquer the Stage 1 of the Sasuke franchise worldwide (excluding Kunoichi), after Chie Tanabe in SASUKE 2. In 2017, Graff became the first woman to compete in, and to successfully finish, Stage 2 in Las Vegas, although this was part of the USA vs. The World competition instead of a regular season, and that had no time requirement. She was the first woman representing the United States in that competition.Later on in Sasuke 34, she became the first and so far the only woman worldwide to finish Stage 2 in Sasuke/American Ninja Warrior franchise, only defeated by Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger later in Stage 3.

Black Sash - Obstacle competitor career - Netflix

Graff was a contestant on the comically-oriented obstacle course show Wipeout's tenth episode of its first season in 2008. In that appearance, she finished second in the qualifier round (successfully navigating most of it, including a traversal of Big Balls), second again on the next round, but fell in the penultimate round and thus did not make it to the Wipeout Zone. On season 5 (2013) of American Ninja Warrior (ANW), she became the first woman to qualify to compete in a City Finals course (although she did not complete the qualifier course). In season 6 (2014) of American Ninja Warrior she could not compete because she had torn her ACL, TCL, and her meniscus. In season 7 (2015), she appeared at Stage One in Las Vegas and got past the first few obstacles, but she could not make it up the Warped Wall. In season 8, in the Los Angeles qualifying round, she became the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to make it up the new 14 1/2-foot Warped Wall and moved on to the city finals along with professional rock climber Natalie Duran. This was the first time two women made it into the Top 30. In the Los Angeles city finals, Graff did not complete the course but finished second overall based on the show's “the farthest the fastest” metric. This broke her own record for the highest finish by a woman in a city competition through 2016. Kacy Catanzaro remains the only woman to complete a city finals course, although her overall placement that night was less than Graff's mark. At the season 8 national finals at Mt. Midoriyama, Graff became the first woman to ever completed Stage 1, finishing fourth overall. She had 12.39 seconds to spare out of a 2:20 minute time limit and was also the first woman to ever ascend the Warped Wall on Stage 1 in Las Vegas, which has a shorter run-up than the regular one. A stop-motion LEGO video was released soon after her win, which was inspired by her performance in this race. Following the runs of the second week's group of Stage 1 competitors, Graff was in 5th place overall of 90 competitors, with only 17 of them able to finish and move on (a record low for the competition, indicating the difficulty of the course). On Stage 2, which proved difficult for all competitors and surrendered only two finishers, Graff staged a credible run, struggling a bit on the Giant Ring Swing, powering her way through the Down Up Salmon Ladder, but then fell off the Wave Runner when attempting the transition between its two boards, one of several athletes to go out in that manner. In 2017 she became the first woman to compete in, and to successfully finish, Stage 2 in Las Vegas, although this was part of the USA vs. The World competition instead of a regular season, and had no time requirement. She was the first woman representing the United States in that competition. In the 2017 regular season, American Ninja Warrior season 9, she had a relatively disappointing performance in the Daytona city qualifier, when she fell on the 5th obstacle, the notoriously difficult-for-women Rolling Thunder. However she adopted a quicker approach to it during the city finals and got past it, then got past all of the back half obstacles until the 10th and final Elevator Climb, when she ran out of energy halfway up. Overall she finished 4th out of all the athletes competing in this city finals. In summer of 2017 she went on to compete in Sasuke 34, the original Japanese version of ANW, wearing number #87. She made an impressive mark, becoming just the second woman in the show's history to clear Stage 1 (the first being another stuntwoman, Chie Nishimura of Super Sentai, 19 years beforehand at Sasuke 2.) She also kept the streak going when she became the first woman ever to clear Stage 2. During her Stage 3 run she showed great upper body strength on the course, getting through the first three obstacles, she made it to the Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger when she failed the jump from the first ledge to the second ledge (Drew Dreschel, the other ANW stalwart who entered, also went out on the same obstacle.) During 2018 as in American Ninja Warrior (season 10) she evinced concern that her involvement in a European stunt project of an undisclosed nature had limited her Ninja training. Nonetheless she completed the Miami City qualifier course atop the Warped Wall, the first woman of the season to do so and giving her a 10th place finish overall for the night.

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