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A&E Network's new original comedy series, Black and White is a provocative weekly in-studio show that tackles the third rail of both comedy and politics: race. Hosted by Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small, this new series covers the biggest headlines sweeping the nation through the fresh and hilarious points of views of these comedians and longtime friends. Taped in front of a studio audience, Black and White is a smart, funny and honest conversation about race in America. The show tackles current and relevant stories in the news through the prism of race and uses comedy to diffuse the tension. Utilizing sketch, parody and social experiments, this series shines a light on the state of race in our country. Joined by celebrity guests and commentators, our hosts take on the issues of race in this eight episode studio based comedy show. Hosts, Christian Finnegan and Sherrod Small have been fixtures on the stand-up comedy scene for over a decade and are best known for their off-the-cuff commentary which has been featured on numerous series and talk shows over the years.

Black and White - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: To Be Determined

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-07-27

Black and White - White Bear (Black Mirror) - Netflix

“White Bear” is the second episode of the second series of the British science fiction anthology series Black Mirror. It was written by the series creator and showrunner Charlie Brooker and directed by Carl Tibbetts. The episode follows Victoria (Lenora Crichlow), a woman who does not remember who she is and wakes up in a place where almost everybody is controlled by a television signal. Along with some of the few other unaffected people (Michael Smiley and Tuppence Middleton), she must stop the “White Bear” transmitter while surviving merciless pursuers. Brooker originally wrote the episode in an apocalyptic setting, but when the script was about to be filmed at a former Royal Air Force base, he changed it because of a fence he saw there. He rewrote the story in two days, removing some details he considered useful for a sequel story. The main change was the addition of a plot twist at the end of the script, which was noted as the most impressive aspect of the episode by several reviewers. The episode, first aired on Channel 4 on 18 February 2013, was watched by 1.2 million viewers and was very well received by critics, particularly for its writing and Middleton's performance. The story draws parallels with real murder cases, primarily the 1960s Moors murders, in which five children were killed. Its horror aspects have been said to be reminiscent of the 1970s film The Wicker Man and the video game Manhunt, while some similarities with The Twilight Zone have also been noted. This dystopian episode reflects upon several aspects of contemporary society, such as media coverage of murders, technology's effects on people's empathy, desensitisation, violence as entertainment, vigilantism, the concept of justice and punishment, and the nature of reality.

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Series creator Charlie Brooker originally envisioned the episode as “a straightforward [zombie] apocalypse story”, featuring the same woman, but as a journalist, and the same signal would be affecting people all over the world. It was to end with a public crucifixion, although Brooker has not specified whether the main character was thus to die. The twist ending was not in the original script; it was only when they were scouting for locations on a former Royal Air Force base, where he saw a fence, that he came up with it. Brooker then rewrote the script in two days “in a bit of a fever dream”. He noted that he had never changed a script so dramatically so late in the production process. In fact he rewrote it four times, the original idea having come to him when he was showrunning the zombie series Dead Set. During the shooting of a scene in which a character is chased by a zombie, some schoolchildren appeared and started phone-filming and taking photos. He considered it to be “an interesting and frightening image, because they're standing there, not intervening”. Brooker converted it to a script for Dead Set, in which a photograph goes viral on social media and “unlock[s] this primal urge for people to be voyeurs of agony”. Although the idea was given the green light, they did not have the budget to do it. Brooker had other ideas that were removed from the original script because they would be complicated to do. He said he could use these ideas in a sequel story which would involve the main character finding messages that she had left for herself on previous days as the process of erasing her mind starts to not function. However, as the location for the episode no longer exists, he felt it would be more practical to create a graphic novel instead of recreating the scenario.

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