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Tsukino Usagi is 14-year-old and in her second year of middle school. She's a bit of a crybaby and klutzy. However, she can transform into a warrior of justice, Sailor Moon! An eternal classic that should be read by all.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1992-03-07

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Makoto Kino (木野 まこと, Kino Makoto, renamed “Lita Kino” in some English adaptations), better known as Sailor Jupiter (セーラージュピター, Sērā Jupitā), is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series created by Naoko Takeuchi. Makoto is her sailor form's alternative human identity as part of the Sailor Soldiers, female supernatural fighters who protect the Solar System from evil. In the series, Makoto is the third Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Usagi Tsukino, and serves as the “muscles” of the group, as she possesses superhuman strength, as well as powers associated with electricity and plants. Aside from the main body of the Sailor Moon series, Makoto features in her own manga short story, The Melancholy of Mako-chan. A number of image songs mentioning her character have been released as well, including the contents of three different CD singles.

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In the original Japanese series, Makoto is voiced by Emi Shinohara in the original series, and by Ami Koshimizu in Sailor Moon Crystal and all media since. n the DIC/Cloverway English adaptation, her name was changed to “Lita” and was voiced by Susan Roman. In the Viz Media English adaptation, her voice is supplied by Amanda C. Miller. In the stage musicals, Makoto has been portrayed by 13 actresses: Noriko Kamiyama, Marie Sada, Takako Inayoshi, Emika Satoh, Akari Tonegawa, Chiho Oyama (whose older sister Anza was the first to play Sailor Moon), Emi Kuriyama, Yuriko Hayashi, Ayano Sugimoto, Kaori Sakata, Karina Okada, Mai Watanabe, Yu Takahashi and Kaede. In Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Makoto is played by Mew Azama. Also, child actress Misho Narumi portrays Makoto in flashbacks, dream sequences, and childhood photos.

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