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Beyond Reasonable Doubt is a 6-episode true crime mini-series that takes viewers deeper inside the world of forensic crime solving than ever before. Detectives reveal the most enduring cases of their careers and uncover the incredible advances in forensics that helped to finally solve them.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-06-02

Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Harvey and Jeannette Crewe - Netflix

David Harvey Crewe (20 October 1941 – c.17 June 1970), known as Harvey, and Jeannette Lenore Crewe (6 February 1940 – c.17 June 1970) were a New Zealand farming couple (married 18 June 1966 in Auckland) who were shot to death around 17 June 1970. The murders led to the wrongful conviction and subsequent pardoning of a farmer who lived nearby. A Royal Commission set up to investigate the miscarriage of justice found that a detective had fabricated evidence and placed it at the scene of the crime. No person was ever charged with planting the evidence, and the murders remain unsolved.

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Both victims had been shot to death with a .22 calibre firearm; Jeannette had broken facial bones from being struck with a blunt instrument. Demler had been considered the main suspect, but the brutality of the assault on her, and the lead investigator's belief that she had been raped, led to doubts that her father was involved. On the basis that the murderer might have used a legitimately held gun, police collected and test-fired 64 registered .22 firearms, 3% of the total recorded as held in the Pukekawa area. A forensic report on 19 August 1970 stated that, of the 64, neither Thomas' [rifle] nor one owned by the Eyre family could be eliminated as the possible murder weapon, but there was insufficient evidence pointing to one or the other. Although police suggested to Thomas during an interview that his rifle was used to kill the Crewes, the gun was returned to him on 8 September. On 27 October 1970, the garden at the Crewe house was searched for a third time and a spent cartridge case was found, apparently still lying where the murderer had left it. The case carried marks which showed it had been ejected from Thomas' rifle. In November, Thomas was arrested and charged. Despite his wife and cousin giving him a strong alibi for the 17 June, Thomas was sent for trial on a charge of murdering the Crewes. The prosecution suggested Thomas’ wife had been the woman seen at the Crewes’, although she was not charged. The witness was certain she was not who he saw. The prosecution said the motive for the murders was that Thomas had been obsessed with Jeannette, an accusation for which they provided very little evidence. A witness who did give testimony supporting the prosecution’s contention that Jeannette had been pestered by Thomas was Demler; he was cross examined about why he had not mentioned such obviously relevant information before the court had begun sitting. Thomas was found guilty of the murders in a 1971 trial, but the conviction was overturned on appeal. He was tried again in 1973 and convicted. Supporters of Thomas started a campaign to bring to public attention that the key evidence against him had serious anomalies.

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