Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Netflix

Beyond Reasonable Doubt is a 6-episode true crime mini-series that takes viewers deeper inside the world of forensic crime solving than ever before. Detectives reveal the most enduring cases of their careers and uncover the incredible advances in forensics that helped to finally solve them.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-06-02

Beyond Reasonable Doubt - Harvey and Jeannette Crewe - Netflix

David Harvey Crewe (20 October 1941 – c.17 June 1970), known as Harvey, and Jeannette Lenore Crewe (6 February 1940 – c.17 June 1970) were a New Zealand farming couple (married 18 June 1966 in Auckland) who were shot to death around 17 June 1970. The murders led to the wrongful conviction and subsequent pardoning of a farmer who lived nearby. A Royal Commission set up to investigate the miscarriage of justice found that a detective had fabricated evidence and placed it at the scene of the crime. No person was ever charged with planting the evidence, and the murders remain unsolved.

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