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Na Min Kook was a spoiled brat and was sent by his father to his company branch office in China to learn the business. He ran away and befriended a Chinese student Yang Xue and her family. Friendship blossomed into love and Na Min Kook gradually learned to be a responsible person worthy of his father's expectations.

Beijing My Love - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 65 minutes

Premier: 2004-05-10

Beijing My Love - Beijing Love Story (TV series) - Netflix

Beijing Love Story (Chinese: 北京爱情故事) is a 2012 Chinese television series co-scripted and directed by Chen Sicheng, starring himself, Li Chen, Zhang Yi, Tong Liya, Yang Mi, Zhang Xinyi and Monica Mok. This is Chen Sicheng's directorial debut. It premiered on Zhejiang TV on 8 January 2012. The series was one of the most watched during its broadcast. More than 1 billion views were recorded on Chinese video streaming sites by 9 February 2012, just 32 days after the first episode aired. Following the success, Chen later directed a 2014 film of the same name, which was a huge box office success. (Also befitting for a love story, he fell in love with co-star Tong Liya on the set and married her in 2014.)

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