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The little man is the favorite target of all sorts of large and small rogues and villains, of unscrupulous companies and unreliable persons. He is robbed, manipulated, cheated and lied to. Four men think it's been enough, and step into action. Neveneffecten kicks in doors. Sometimes open doors, sometimes armored doors. Sometimes a colossal door and occasionally a loophole. Once they arrive, they do a dance on the table, let a fart in the fridge, give all the plants water and go back out through the window. Six weeks Neveneffecten operates self-made investigative journalism with a sense of humor. Sometimes with many theatrical gestures, other times almost imperceptibly. In the eyes of the four boys glistens a mixture of militancy, sweet revenge and a little twinkle.

Basta - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-10

Basta - Basta (rapper) - Netflix

Vasiliy Mikhaylovich Vakulenko (Russian: Василий Михайлович Вакуленко; born 20 April 1980), better known by stage name Basta, a.k.a. Noggano is a Russian rapper and radio personality.

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2006 - “Баста 1” (Basta 1) 2007 - “Баста 2” (Basta 2) 2008 - “Ноггано. Первый” (Noggano. The First) 2009 - “Ноггано. Второй (Теплый)” (Noggano. The Second (Warm)) 2010 - “Баста 3” (Basta 3) 2010 - “Баста/Guf” (Basta/Guf) 2011 - “N1nt3nd0” 2011 - “ГлаЗ” (GlaZ / EyE) 2013 - “Баста 4” (Basta 4) 2014 - “ТВА” 2015 - “Баста/Смоки Мо” (Basta/Smoky Mo) 2016 - “Баста 5” (Basta 5)

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