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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar was the master of all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless Fire Nation from conquering the world. But when the world needed him most, he disappeared. Until now... On the South Pole, a lone Water Tribe village struggles to survive. It's here that a young Waterbender named Katara and her warrior brother Sokka rescue a strange boy named Aang from a cavernous iceberg. Not only is Aang an Airbender--a race of people no one has seen in a century--but they soon discover that Aang is also the long lost Avatar. Now it's up to Katara and Sokka to make sure Aang faces his destiny to save the tribe--and himself. Did we mention he's only 12?

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2005-02-21

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This features a list of significant characters from the animated television programs Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender Fire Lord Ozai (voiced by Mark Hamill in the animated series, and portrayed by Cliff Curtis in the live-action film) is the ruler of the Fire Nation. He is often depicted as unnecessarily cruel, such as scarring Zuko's face and banishing him for perceived disrespect. Ozai shows Azula favor, but only due to her skill as a prodigy and being an embodiment of his ideals rather than any genuine love. Having welcomed his son home after Azula lied to him that Zuko killed Aang, Ozai is furious to learn of the Avatar's survival. When Sozin's Comet draws near, Ozai renames himself 'Phoenix King' and embarks to destroy the Earth Kingdom, entrusting an unstable Azula with their homeland. Defeated by Aang, Ozai is stripped of his ability to firebend and imprisoned. Fire Lord Sozin (voiced by Ron Perlman (as an old man) and Lex Lang (as a young man)) was the Fire Lord who started the war with the other nations. In a flashback, it is shown that he was once friends with Avatar Roku, who happened to share a birthday with him, but disobeyed his edict against war and later permitted his death. With the Avatar no longer there to maintain balance, Sozin wiped out the Air Nomads using the power of a nearby comet, renamed Sozin's Comet in his honour. It is hinted that, in his last moments before death, Sozin regretted his actions. Mai (voiced by Cricket Leigh) is an impassive, bored, stoic young noblewoman who, along with Ty Lee, is a friend and accomplice of Azula. She is the elder child of the Governor of New Ozai (previously Omashu, and renamed Omashu). Her primary weapons are throwing knives, darts, and shuriken concealed in her clothing, all of which she can throw with lethal accuracy. Mai eventually become's Zuko's girlfriend, although he leaves her to join Aang and Team Avatar. She later visits him when he is incarcerated in Boiling Rock prison; upon his escape, Mai shocks everyone by holding off the guards and dueling Azula herself, explaining that her love for Zuko is stronger than her fear of Azula. She is released after Azula's defeat, and reunites with Zuko. However, in Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Promise, she breaks up with Zuko after learning that he has been visiting his imprisoned father without telling her. She later was involved in Avatar: The Last Airbender - Smoke and Shadow, in which she joins forces with Zuko and Aang to deal with the threat of the Kemurikage Spirits and the reactionary New Ozai Society led by her estranged father. Ty Lee (voiced by Olivia Hack) is cheerful, energetic, and somewhat of a valley girl who, along with Mai, accompanies her childhood friend Azula on her quest. She is one of seven sisters and joined the circus at an early age to appear “different from a matching set”. She is a peerless acrobat and can paralyze people or temporarily neutralize their bending powers by striking pressure points in a similar fashion to the martial art style of Dim Mak. In Book Three, she was temporarily imprisoned after she supported Mai against Azula, and released when the Fire Lord was defeated. She later joined the Kyoshi Warriors (contradictory to her earlier statement of not wanting to be part of a matching set), whom she had earlier impersonated in Book Two. Ty Lee's chi-blocking techniques were used for nefarious purposes in the sequel series, although it is not clear if there is a direct connection. Admiral Zhao (formerly Commander Zhao) (Chinese: 趙 pinyin: zhào) (voiced by Jason Isaacs in the animated series, and portrayed by Aasif Mandvi in the live-action film) is a hot-tempered Fire Nation admiral in pursuit of the Avatar, and Zuko's principal rival throughout the first season. The rivalry is shown throughout various episodes, including an Agni Kai, various banters involving mass gloating, and even attempting to kill off Zuko for interference in his capture of Aang. He also plans to kill the world's 'Moon Spirit' and thus destroy the waterbending capability of the Northern Water Tribe, in which he fails when Princess Yue becomes the new Moon Spirit to replace the original. Zhao is then dragged into the depths by the vengeful Ocean Spirit. In the sequel series The Legend of Korra, it is revealed that Zhao's spirit was placed in the Fog of Lost Souls, where he became a victim of madness by the time he is encountered by Aang's children, mistaking Tenzin for his father. Princess Ursa (voiced by Jen Cohn) is the mother of Zuko and Azula and the former wife of Fire Lord Ozai, later revealed to be the granddaughter of Avatar Roku. While she made few appearances in the series, Ursa's story is expanded in the sequel comics. As revealed in Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search, Ursa was in love with an actor named Ikem before she is forced to end their relationship while betrothed to Ozai. Though told that she is to abandon her old life, expecting Ozai to have been intercepting her mail, Ursa secretly wrote letters that included a false letter claiming Zuko was Ikem's child. The false letter caused the rift between Ozai and Zuko, the former claiming to have arranged Ikem's death after the actor mysteriously vanished. When Ursa learned that Ozai was ordered by his father to kill Zuko, she becomes a means for Ozai to have his father murdered before banishing her in exchange for Zuko's life. As revealed in The Search, to forget her time with Ozai and ensure her children's protection, Ursa had the spirit known as the Mother of Faces change her face and alter her memories. Now going by name of Noriko, Ursa married Ikem, who also had his face changed with the name of Noren, and they have a daughter named Kiyi. Zuko finds her years later and despite Azula's attempt on her life, Ursa is welcomed back into her son's life as she is restored to her original self. Fire Lord Azulon (voiced by Walker Edmiston) was Sozin's son and Ozai & Iroh's father, and thus Zuko, Azula & Lu Ten's paternal grandfather. He was killed by Ozai in an attempt to revoke Iroh's birthright (as a first-born) after he believed Iroh to be unsuitable for the position considering he lost his son Lu Ten and has no heirs apparent. Upon hearing his conditions for the revoking of the birthright (a son for a son), Princess Ursa interfered and voluntarily poisoned him and offered herself for banishment in order to protect her son Zuko. It was revealed that his granddaughter Azula, and the Gates of the Fire Nation's harbor were named after him. During a flashback of his funeral service, it was mentioned that he was a widower as his wife Ilah (never seen in the series) died before him. Prince Lu Ten (deceased 5 years before the events of the main storyline) was the only son, and heir apparent of General Iroh, thus Azula and Zuko's cousin. His death at the Siege of Ba Sing Se, lead to Ozai's decision to usurp Iroh as heir to the throne of the Fire Nation. Iroh was shown still mourning his death in the season 2 episode Tales of Ba Sing Se short entitled The Tale of Iroh. Fire Sages are a group of elite Fire Nation religious guardians of the Avatar monuments. They are the founders of the Fire Nation, and the leader of the Sages was known as a Fire Lord. However, over the years, the Fire Nation became a monarchy and the title of Fire Lord was reserved for the head of state, thus the beginning of the Fire Nation Royal bloodline. The Sages distanced themselves from the Royal family and began serving the Avatar, but over the hundred years, some of them have soured towards the Avatar for abandoning them and thus started serving the Fire Nation Royal Family again. They alerted Fire Lord Ozai to Avatar Aang's existence when Aang entered the Avatar-state for the first time. The Sages are also the de facto religious authority for the Fire Nation's Royal wedding-, funeral- and coronation ceremonies, as well as identifying the newest Avatar born from the Fire Nation. Ran and Shaw are two colossal red & blue dragons known as the Fire Bending Masters, and they are the last-known live-dragons at the time. As dragons, they are the source of all fire-bending. Iroh faced their judgement and received their teaching and in return, he kept their existence secret from everyone, even going so far as to lie about killing them and adopting the title Dragon of The West. Both Zuko and Aang faced their judgement and received their teachings. General Shinu (formerly Colonel Shinu)(Chinese: 使弩 pinyin: Shǐnǔ) first appeared as the officer commanding the Yuyan Archers, an elite archer squad. He was later promoted to General, and reported at the Fire Lord's war meeting the day before the eclipse. The Legend of Korra Fire Lord Izumi (voiced by April Stewart) is Zuko's daughter and only child, and the mother of his grandson Iroh, a general in the United Forces. She is the current Fire Lord in Legend of Korra, as Zuko abdicated his title to her. She is first seen during Prince Wu's coronation ceremony. She is later seen again discussing actions against Kuvira's Empire, refusing to let her Nation get involved in another war, but agreeing to aid when needed.

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