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We will follow employees during their work life of Will Auction, which is specialised in Art. Cha Yun Soo is hired as rookie with no experience nor background in arts, what's even more surprising about her hire is that her father has been convicted of art forgery. Due to hard work, she overcame those obstacles and proved she was worth to be trusted. Her dream is to become an auctioneer like her Superior Min Soo Rin. Oh Yoon Jae was a senior specialist at the firm and would do anything at any cost to uncover the truth.

Auction House - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2007-09-30

Auction House - Kedem Auction House - Netflix

The Kedem Auction House was founded in 2008 in Jerusalem as an auction house for Judaica and Israeliana (i.e. items relating to Israel and the pre-state Zionist period). Kedem is one of the leading auction houses in this field in Israel and worldwide.

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Over the years Kedem sold some extraordinarily veritable and unique items, as can be studied by their price: In 2009 the Hasidic book “Noam Elimelech” of rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk was sold for $300,000. In 2012 a rare Talmud book, having the Vilna Gaon's notes on it, was sold for $500,000. In 2013 Kedem sold Arnie Druk's collection: tens of thousands of Israeli and Jewish art items, photographs, Herzl's and Rabin's documents, children's books in Yiddish, wines, anti-Semitic postcards, Kibbutz Haggadahs and more were exhibited publicly for the first time. In 2014 documents of the Nuremberg trials were presented after having been found in the flea market in Jaffa. The collection included more than 2,000 printed papers, 500 Xerox copies and hand-written lists and newspapers shards documenting the trials. At the same year a copy of the Babylonian Talmud privately owned by rabbi Ovadiah Yosef from his time as the Jewish community's rabbi in Egypt was sold for $50,000, the sole copy of the lost book of the Holocaust's author, Yehiel De-Nur also known under the pen name of “Ka-Tsetnik”, a private dedication of Herzl from 1900 sold for $67,000, a “private-secret” document sent by Shimon Peres to rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, then leader of Israeli party Shas, ensuring all kinds of political promises should the party join his coalition in the attempt of overthrowing incumbent Israeli prime minister Shamir – historically known by the name “The Dirty Trick” – and Eichmann's prosecution team's personal documents, partially found in trash, containing remarks about Eichmann's body language. in 2015 a volume from Eliezer Ben-Yehuda's first edition of the first Hebrew dictionary was presented. The volume, which was published in 1908, contained handwritten notes and remarks written by Ben-Yehuda himself. On that same year the iconic flag of Israel, which was raised at the top of the SS Exodus and a personal diary written in Yidish by one of the ship's passengers, were presented as well. Other items presented at the auction house in 2015 were Arik Einstein's piano, David Ben-Gurion's personal love letters, written between 1932 – 1935 to his then lover Regina (Rega) Klapholz, the Hillel Storch archive containing documents and correspondence about operation white buses and a letter written in 1934 by Elza Einstein, wife of renowned Jewish-German physicist Albert Einstein, in which the latter added a postscript saying that “In Germany, receiving a letter with this signature would send the reader to a concentration camp”. in 2015 a legal dispute took place regarding the auctioning of the first drafts of the Israeli declaration of independence, which outlined the Zionist narrative at the time and described the chain of events that led to the establishment of Israel. In late 2015 the state of Israel appealed to the Jerusalem district court demanding to pull the drafts from the auction catalog claiming that the selling of the draft is an infringes on the state's right to keep an asset “of deep symbolic significance” that belongs to the state and the public. In its verdict, the court ruled that the drafts will not be auctioned and shall remain in the hands of the 'Kedem' auction house for safe keeping, for a period of 6 months

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