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A young 'fabric geek' lands a job at an upscale Japanese lingerie company -- and quickly discovers she'll need help to survive. It is the story of a woman experiencing confusion, struggle and growth in a world with a new set of values different from any she has ever known.

Atelier - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Running

Runtime: 45 minutes

Premier: 2015-09-02

Atelier - Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk - Netflix

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk (アーシャのアトリエ ~黄昏の大地の錬金術士~, Asha no Atorie ~Tasogare no Daichi no Renkinjutsushi~, lit. Atelier Ayesha ~Alchemist of the Land of Dusk~) is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Gust Co. Ltd.. The character designs are by Hidari. It is the fourteenth title in the Atelier series, coming after Atelier Meruru, but has a storyline independent from previous titles in the series. The game is the first installment in the Dusk storyline. An English language release was published in March 2013 by Tecmo Koei in western regions. A PlayStation Vita version titled Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk (アーシャのアトリエPlus ~黄昏の大地の錬金術士~) was released on March 27, 2014 in Japan. There is also a drama CD and novel based on the game.

Atelier - Characters - Netflix

Ayesha Altugle (アーシャ・アルトゥール, Āsha Arutūru) Voiced by: Marina Inoue (Japanese); Erika Harlacher (English) The protagonist of the game. Ayesha is an herbalist who ran a small workshop with her grandfather and little sister Nio, until her grandfather died and Nio goes missing. Despite being left alone, Ayesha remained upbeat and continued to run the workshop. One day, Ayesha sees an apparition of Nio by her supposed grave. Convinced that her little sister is still alive, Ayesha sets off on a journey to discover the means to save her. The knowledge of alchemy has been passed down in her family, but she doesn’t recognize herself as an alchemist. Nio Altugle (ニオ・アルトゥール, Nio Arutūru) Voiced by: Mariya Ise (Japanese); Kira Buckland (English) Ayesha's younger sister who disappears one day while out gathering herbs. After a long search by Ayesha and nearby villagers found no trace of the girl, she is assumed dead, and a gravestone is erected at the place of her disappearance. The truth is that she has been captured by an alchemy creation that has gone out of control and she is reunited with Ayesha after a battle against Yggdrasil. Keithgriff Hazeldine (キースグリフ・ヘーゼルダイン, Kīsugurifu Hēzerudain) Voiced by: Jōji Nakata (Japanese); Richard Epcar (English) An experienced alchemist from another country with a keen interest about ancient times. He’s a calm and collected gentleman in pursuit of knowledge. Keithgriff first encounters Ayesha on one of his visits to an ancient ruin, and points the young girl towards alchemy as the key to saving her younger sister. In battle, Keithgriff doesn’t use a weapon, instead relying on alchemy related attacks, which he summons from his magic ring. He is on a journey to rectify the wrongdoings of alchemists before him and to pursue the ultimate truth, though he is considered a criminal in his native country after having destroyed various facilities and documents. He fights Ayesha over a flask found in a village that all inhabitants have disappeared from, but he is valuable to Ayesha, though that he isn’t aware of it himself that he has come to help her. Regina Kurtis (レジナ・カティス, Rejina Katisu) Voiced by: Fumie Mizusawa (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English) An acquaintance of Ayesha who makes a living selling artifacts excavated from ruins. Despite being a woman, she is considered one of the strongest amongst the prospectors, a group consisting mainly of heavily built men in their prime. Regina is a sociable and reliable girl with a bunch of younger siblings to take care of. Wilbell Voll-Ersleid (ウィルベル・ヴォル エルスリート, Uiruberu Boru Erusurīto) Voiced by: Asami Seto (Japanese); Cristina Valenzuela (English) A girl who comes from a family of witches. Described as being cute and wearing a black pointy hat, Wilbell is a genius when it comes to magic, but knows that she is a long way to be acknowledged by her great-great-grandmother, to whom she looks up. Despite fighting with a broom, Wilbell is still learning to fly as a proper witch. To prove herself to her great-great-grandmother, she attempts one of the ultimate goals of the sorcerers and challenges the Wind Ruler. The Wind Ruler grants her powers after witnessing her protecting Ayesha. Linca (リンカ, Rinka) Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese); Julie Ann Taylor (English) A calm and collected swordswoman that acts as Marion Quinn' bodyguard. By Marion's request, she offers her assistance to Ayesha, who in return helps in her efforts to improve her cooking and make other friends, with dubious results. She used to be a criminal, but she was captured and then saved by Marion. There exist at least seven others with the same appearance as Linca, as well as whom all possess the same name. Their personalities are however different. Juris Gruden (ユーリス・グルンデン, Yūrisu Gurinden) Voiced by: Kōsuke Toriumi (Japanese); Patrick Seitz (English) A hunter who wants to defeat a dragon and wear its scales as armor. Despite his stoic demeanor, he is very protective of his sister Nanaca, and watches over her from afar as she looks for pasture for their cows. Juris fights using a hatchet and crossbow. Marion Quinn (マリオン・クィン) Voiced by: Kana Ueda (Japanese); Michelle Ruff (English) An office worker from a large faraway city in a western country. Marion is tasked with gathering information about the area. She is small in size, but firm, and loves cute things. She captured Linca in the past, and Linca now serves as her bodyguard. She is also looking for Keithgriff, who committed crimes in their home country. When she realizes how important he is to Ayesha and his thoughts, she decides to let him go free. Her name is romanized as Marion Quin in the Japanese-language version of the game. Odelia (オディーリア) Voiced by: Kaori Sadohara (Japanese); Kira Buckland (English) An automaton constructed with alchemy. She is the librarian of a library that collects information about alchemy. She can’t express feelings very strongly, and her memory has begun to get worse. She searches for a book for Ayesha in the library’s collection, and she begins to become more human-like in her behavior by interacting with Ayesha. She is the guardian of knowledge, and complements to the guardian of life, Yggdrasil. After her new master Keithgriff orders her to no longer follow orders, she proposes to come along with him on the journey he is about to set out on. Her name is romanized as Odileia in the Japanese-language version of the game. Harry Olson (ハリー・オルソン) Voiced by: Mitsuaki Madono (Japanese); Ray Chase (English) The manager of a company with great influence. He holds a great interest about the ancient times, and collects relics that others may view as trash. Yggdrasil The guardian of life who was made through ancient alchemy. He complements Odelia, the guardian of knowledge. Wind Ruler (風の王) The regent of the wind spirits. Marietta Muir (メリエッタ・ミューア) Voiced by: Satomi Satō (Japanese); Carrie Savage (English) An enthualistic clerk who workes in a shop owned by Harry. She manages the shop by herself, since Harry is busy with his personal interests. Her name is romanized as Merietta Muir in the Japanese-language version of the game. Ranun Etts (ラナン・エッツ) Voiced by: Taiki Matsuno (Japanese); Johnny Yong Bosch (English) A traveler with no employment. He is devoted to creating art by playing music on his bagpipes. Nanaca Gruden (ナナカ・グルンデン) Voiced by: Asuka Ōgame (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English) A nomad who, according to her family's customs, keeps cows and travels in search of pastures. She is Juris's younger sister. Ernie Lyttleton (アーニー・リトルトン) Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese); Bryce Papenbrook (English) A traveling salesman who is like a parental figure to Ayesha. Tanya Volta (ターニャ・フォルタ) Voiced by: Iori Nomizu (Japanese); Michelle Ann Dunphy (English) A girl who mines salt together with her family in a desert. Fred Rodfork (フレッド・ロッドフォーク) Voiced by: Tetsu Inada (Japanese); Jamieson Price (English) An bread-obsessed baker who has set up shop in Vierzeberg. He has a crush on Marietta, and changes moods drastically when she is around. Kyle Tarenbert (カイル・タレンバート) Voiced by: Kenji Nojima (Japanese); Kyle Hebert (English) An barkeeper in Hornheim. He behaves in a very laid-back manner towards his customers, and even rents out the room next to his tavern to Ayesha for use in alchemy.

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